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Are you ready to enter the exciting world of video games with Wreck-it Ralph?

This trivia will test your knowledge of the lovable characters, thrilling adventures, and heartwarming moments from this animated film.

Join Ralph and his friends as they embark on a journey through various arcade games and discover what it truly means to be a hero.

Get ready to wreck the competition and prove that you’re a Wreck-it Ralph trivia champion!

Wreck it Ralph Trivia Questions And Answers

#1. In which category did "Wreck It Ralph" win at the Critics' Choice Movie Awards?

#2. Who was the executive producer for Wreck-It Ralph?

#3. Why does Wreck-It Ralph visit a villain support group called Bad-Anon?

#4. In what year was Wreck-It Ralph released?

#5. Who voiced the character Ralph?

#6. What does Ralph help Vanellope build in Sugar Rush?

#7. What revelation does Ralph make after interrogating Sour Bill?

#8. Who is the villain in the arcade game in Wreck-It Ralph?

#9. Which game does Ralph steal a medal from?

#10. What major awards did Wreck-It Ralph receive nominations for?

#11. Which animated film was released as a sequel to Wreck-It Ralph?

#12. What category did "Wreck It Ralph" win at the Golden Reel Awards?

#13. What does Ralph believe will earn him respect from others?

#14. What happens when Vanellope completes a race in Sugar Rush?

#15. How much did Wreck-It Ralph cost to produce?

#16. What game does Ralph accidentally crash-land in after stealing a medal?

#17. At the IGN's Best of 2012 Awards, what did "Wreck It Ralph" win?

#18. What happens to Ralph's game when he is gone?

#19. What does Turbo reveal about himself?

#20. What creatures are known as Cy-Bugs in Hero's Duty?

#21. How much did Wreck-It Ralph gross worldwide?

#22. What is the Annie Award category that Wreck-It Ralph won?

#23. What does Vanellope steal from Ralph in Sugar Rush?

#24. Which actor provided the voice for Fix-It Felix Jr.?

#25. Why does King Candy forbid Vanellope from racing in Sugar Rush?

#26. How does Ralph defeat Turbo and the Cy-Bugs in Sugar Rush?

#27. What does Calhoun track in Sugar Rush?

#28. Who hacks into Sugar Rush's source code and retrieves Ralph's medal?

#29. Who fixes Vanellope's kart in Sugar Rush?

#30. What was the fate of Turbo in the racing game TurboTime?

#31. What was the fate of King Candy?

#32. What type of animated film is Wreck-It Ralph?

#33. Who is the producer of Wreck-It Ralph?

#34. What award did Wreck-It Ralph win at the Annie Awards?

#35. What is the central theme of Wreck-It Ralph?

#36. Who allies with Fix-It Felix, Jr. to find Ralph?

#37. What is the role of John Lasseter in Wreck-It Ralph?

#38. What award did "Wreck It Ralph" win at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards?

#39. Who directed Wreck-It Ralph?

#40. What does King Candy's assistant, Sour Bill, do to Felix?



Congratulations, you’re a wrecking success! Your knowledge of Wreck-It Ralph is top-notch. From the vibrant world of Litwak’s Arcade to the lovable characters like Ralph and Vanellope, you’ve proven yourself to be a true fan. You have what it takes to navigate through different video game worlds and even fix a broken kart. Keep embracing your inner hero and never stop wrecking it with your fantastic Wreck-It Ralph knowledge!
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