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Are you a fan of Turning Red Disney movie, Turning Red?

With its stunning animation, talented cast, and heartwarming tale of family, friendship, and self-discovery, Turning Red has quickly become a fan favorite.

This Turning Red trivia will take you behind the scenes of this film and test your knowledge of the story, characters, and creators.

Test your knowledge with this Turning Red trivia!

Turning Red Trivia Questions

#1. Who composed the musical score for Turning Red?

#2. How does Mei control her transformations?

#3. In which year is the movie set?

#4. How do Mei's friends react when they discover her transformation?

#5. What is the purpose of the ritual on the night of the lunar eclipse?

#6. Which character in the film deals with puberty?

#7. What is Mei's red panda form now used for?

#8. Who else worked on the story of Turning Red?

#9. When was Turning Red first shown in London?

#10. What is Mei's crush's name?

#11. Turning Red was nominated for which award at the Academy Awards?

#12. Who composed the film's musical score for his first animated film?

#13. What was Shi's previous directorial work before Turning Red?

#14. What type of animal does Mei transform into?

#15. What is the budget of Turning Red approximately?

#16. What happens to Mei Lee when she experiences strong emotions?

#17. Who performed original songs for Turning Red?

#18. What is the name of Mei's father?

#19. Why does Ming initially think Mei has transformed?

#20. What style of animation inspired the design of Turning Red?

#21. Where is Turning Red set?

#22. What is the name of the protagonist in the story?

#23. What is the name of Domee Shi's previous short film?

#24. What event triggers Mei's first transformation?

#25. Who are Mei's friends that are fans of the boy band 4*Town?

#26. How old is Mei in the story?

#27. What is the name of Mei's group of friends?

#28. What is the name of Mei's parents?

#29. Who directed Turning Red?



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Turning Red is a 2022 animated movie set in 2002 Toronto about 13-year-old Mei Lee, who helps her parents take care of their family temple and works to make her mother proud. One night, Mei has a vivid nightmare involving red pandas and wakes up the next morning transformed into a large red panda, which happens only when she is in a state of high emotion.

As Mei prepares for the ritual, she decides to keep her powers and attend the concert at the SkyDome instead. An enraged Ming disrupts the concert, intending to take Mei back by force, but Mei and her friends reconcile with her in a new ritual circle, sending them to the astral plane. Mei decides to keep her red panda form, and Ming accepts that she is finding her own path.

Mei’s mother, Ming, believes that Mei is experiencing her first period until she humiliates her at school, causing Mei to transform and run home in panic and tears. Mei learns that she comes from a long line of female descendants who have the ability to transform into red pandas, which must be sealed in a talisman by a ritual on the night of a lunar eclipse to prevent it from becoming inconvenient and dangerous in modern times. Mei’s friends discover her transformation and help her to control it, but Ming refuses to let Mei attend a boy band concert and accuses her friends of corrupting and taking advantage of her.

The movie features an all-star cast, including Julia Cho as Hyein Park, Ava Morse as Mei” Lee, Orion Lee as Meilin “Mei” Lee, and Tristan Alegrick Chen as the school bully. It is full of adventure, humor, and heartwarming moments that will make you laugh, cry, and root for Mei in her journey to understand her place in the world.

I found this movie incredibly heartwarming and uplifting. I think there are some really important lessons that we can take away from this movie. Firstly, it teaches us to be brave and face our fears head-on; if we do so with courage and determination, we can achieve great things!

Secondly, it encourages us to embrace our own unique abilities, no matter our age or circumstances. Lastly, it reminds us that sometimes being different is what makes us special. Mei’s journey encourages us all to be brave and face our fears head on; if we do so with courage and determination, we can achieve greatness! Additionally, the movie explores topics such as bullying in school and teenage life in a relatable way which only adds to its charm.

I would highly recommend Turning Red if you are looking for a thoughtful and entertaining coming-of-age movie about discovering one’s inner strength. It’s an amazing movie that will leave you feeling inspired, and the beautiful animation and touching story make it perfect for all ages—so go watch it right away!

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