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The Princess and The Frog was Disney’s first hand-drawn animated musical film in almost a decade and marked a return to the classic fairy tale formula.

The film was praised for its music, animation, and cultural representation, making it a beloved addition to the Disney canon.

If you’re a fan of this movie, then this Princess and the Frog trivia is the perfect way to test your knowledge and see how much you remember about Tiana, Naveen, and their magical journey through the bayous of New Orleans.

Let’s get started!

The Princess and The Frog Trivia Questions


Congratulations! You are a true expert in The Princess and The Frog. From Tiana’s dream of opening her own restaurant to the villainous Dr. Facilier and his shadowy friends, you know everything there is to know about this charming and heartwarming Disney classic. You could probably whip up a batch of Tiana’s famous beignets and gumbo without breaking a sweat! Keep up the great work, and continue to spread the joy and magic of The Princess and The Frog! We have more questions in-store; simply refresh the page to get a new set of questions 🙂
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Looks like you still have some work to do to become a true Tiana fan!

While you may have enjoyed the movie and know a few key details, you don’t quite have the knowledge to call yourself an expert just yet.

But don’t worry, with a little bit of studying and a re-watch or two, you’ll be ready to join Tiana in the kitchen and make some beignets in no time!

Simply refresh the page to get a new set of questions. and give it another go 🙂

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#1. Who is Tiana's best friend since childhood in the movie?

#2. Who directed The Princess and the Frog?

#3. Who played the role of Eudora?

#4. Who hires Tiana to make beignets for a masquerade ball?

#5. What fails to break Tiana and Naveen's spell and turn them human?

#6. What does Tiana do when she meets Naveen in frog form?

#7. Who hosts a masquerade ball in Naveen's honor?

#8. How does Tiana plan to finance her restaurant?

#9. Who is the protagonist of the film?

#10. What happens to Mama Odie's spell if Big Daddy is crowned Mardi Gras king?

#11. Who composed the score and songs for The Princess and the Frog?

#12. What is Naveen's original plan when he arrives in New Orleans?

#13. Who is exposed and arrested after Facilier's plan fails?

#14. What does Dr. Facilier trick Naveen and Lawrence into?

#15. What happens to Naveen in the film?

#16. What happens during the Mardi Gras parade?

#17. How does Tiana feel after seeing Lawrence masquerading as Naveen?

#18. Who produced The Princess and the Frog?

#19. Which of these individuals was involved in writing the screenplay for The Princess and the Frog?

#20. What year was The Princess and the Frog released?

#21. What is the name of the novel on which the film is based?

#22. What does Naveen plan to propose to Tiana with?

#23. Who provides the voice for Mama Odie in the film?

#24. Who masquerades as Naveen and marries Charlotte?

#25. What is Tiana's dream in the film?

#26. Who serves as the "Fairy Godmother figure" in the movie?

#27. When did production of The Princess and the Frog begin?

#28. What style of animation did Disney use for The Princess and the Frog?

#29. What does Louis dream of doing?

#30. Why does Tiana transform into a frog?

#31. What does Dr. Facilier do to Naveen?

#32. What does Tiana do with the talisman?

#33. What is the name of Charlotte's pet basset hound?

#34. What happens to Tiana after she kisses the prince?

#35. What do Tiana and Naveen turn into after they are chased into the bayou?

#36. What is Dr. Facilier's plan in the movie?

#37. Which of these duo co-wrote the story for The Princess and the Frog with the writing team of Greg Erb and Jason Oremland?

#38. What is the occupation of the main character Tiana?

#39. What does Facilier turn Naveen into with his voodoo magic?

#40. Who is Ray enamored with?

#41. Who is Tiana's father in the movie?

#42. What is the occupation of the main character Tiana?

#43. In what city is The Princess and the Frog set?

#44. Who exposes Lawrence and has him arrested?

#45. What is Mama Odie's profession?

#46. What is The Princess and the Frog based on?

#47. Who played the role of Louis the alligator?

#48. What is Charlotte's dream in the movie?

#49. What type of film is The Princess and the Frog?

#50. Who voices the character of Charlotte in the movie?

#51. What does Dr. Facilier intend to do with the voodoo doll?

#52. What studio produced The Princess and the Frog?

#53. Who produced The Princess and the Frog?

#54. What era does The Princess and the Frog movie take place in?

#55. What does Facilier offer to Tiana in exchange for the talisman?

#56. What does Lawrence do with the talisman containing Naveen's blood?

#57. What is the working title of the film during its production?

#58. Fill in the blank: Tiana wishes on a _____ to make her dream come true

#59. Who helps Tiana and Naveen in the bayou?

#60. What is Prince Naveen's initial personality like in the movie?


Congratulations on completing The Princess and The Frog Trivia! We hope you enjoyed testing your knowledge and learning some new facts about this classic Disney movie. If you’re hungry for more trivia challenges, check out some of the other options below. Have fun!

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About The Princess and the Frog Movie

The Princess and the Frog is a delightful movie perfect for the whole family to enjoy. It follows the story of Tiana, a young African-American girl who dreams of owning her own restaurant someday. When she meets a frog prince who desperately wants to be human again, she makes a fateful wish that leads them on an exciting adventure through the mystical bayous of Louisiana. Along their journey, they come across many obstacles but eventually discover the importance of friendship, family, and following your dreams.

The animation in this movie is absolutely stunning! With beautiful 2D artwork inspired by classic Disney movies like Snow White and Cinderella, it’s no wonder why The Princess and The Frog quickly became a fan favorite. Plus, we get to meet some new characters like Mama Odie – a witty and wise voodoo priestess who helps Tiana throughout her journey. There are also plenty of catchy songs throughout the movie that will surely bring joy to viewers of all ages!

I really enjoyed The Princess and The Frog. It was a great movie with amazing animation, music, and a wonderful story. The vibrant colors of New Orleans made the movie come to life, and the beautiful music added to the overall enchantment.

The story itself was captivating and had me rooting for Tiana and her frog prince. Their journey wasn’t easy, but it was one filled with friendship, family, love, and dreams — all of which I connected with on an emotional level.

I also found the characters to be quite lovable and unique in their own way. From the voodoo sorcerer to the colorful Cajun fireflies — each character had an important role in making this movie so magical.

The film’s music is also delightful, featuring classic jazz songs performed by celebrated singers like Anika Noni Rose and Keith David, and the script is full of witty banter between characters and plenty of humorous moments.

Overall, The Princess and the Frog is a delightful tale that celebrates friendship, family, love, and dreaming big. It’s sure to be enjoyed by both kids and adults alike — I would highly recommend watching The Princess and The Frog if you haven’t already. It’s definitely one of my favorite Disney movies that everyone should see at least once.

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