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Step into the jungle with this Jungle Book trivia!

Join Mowgli, Baloo, Bagheera, and the rest of the unforgettable characters on their exciting adventure through the wild.

Test your knowledge of this beloved Disney classic and see who’s the king of the jungle when it comes to Jungle Book trivia.

Let’s relive the magic!

The Jungle Book Trivia Questions And Answers

#1. Who leads the elephant patrol in the jungle?

#2. Who finds Mowgli in a basket in the deep jungles of India?

#3. What animal raised Mowgli in the Indian jungle in "The Jungle Book"?

#4. What sets the tree ablaze during the final confrontation between Mowgli and Shere Khan?

#5. Why does the wolf pack decide that Mowgli must leave the jungle?

#6. What is the name of Colonel Hathi's son?

#7. What is the primary setting of The Jungle Book?

#8. What type of animal is Shere Khan in "The Jungle Book"?

#9. Which character is also known as Baby Elephant in the film?

#10. How many songs by the Sherman Brothers are featured in the film's soundtrack?

#11. What type of animal is Bagheera, who discovers Mowgli as a baby and serves as his main protector?

#12. What does Mowgli tie to Shere Khan's tail during the final confrontation?

#13. Who provided the voice for the character Kaa in the 1967 animated film?

#14. Who voices Mowgli in the 1967 animated film?

#15. What does King Louie offer to teach Mowgli in exchange for helping him stay in the jungle?

#16. Who volunteers to escort Mowgli to a "Man-Village"?

#17. What is Shere Khan's intense hatred of humans attributed to?

#18. What intervenes and helps Mowgli escape from Kaa during the second encounter?

#19. What does the girl "accidentally" drop by the riverside when she notices Mowgli?

#20. How long does Mowgli live with the wolf pack before being asked to leave?

#21. Who gets knocked unconscious trying to keep Shere Khan from getting Mowgli?

#22. Who arrives to rescue Mowgli from King Louie's palace?

#23. Who promises to raise Mowgli himself and never take him to the Man Village?

#24. Which character, voiced by J. Pat O'Malley, also leads the vultures that Mowgli encounters during his journey in The Jungle Book?

#25. Who directed the 1967 animated film "The Jungle Book"?

#26. Where was Mowgli found as a young orphan boy?

#27. What animal hypnotizes Mowgli into a deep sleep in a tree?

#28. Who is the leader of the Seeonee wolf pack that sends Mowgli to the Man-Village under Bagheera's guidance in The Jungle Book?

#29. How do Bagheera and Baloo react when Mowgli chooses to go to the Man-Village?

#30. What animal raises Mowgli along with their own cubs?

#31. What is Mowgli also referred to as in the film?

#32. Who kidnaps Mowgli and takes him to their leader, King Louie?

#33. What is the name of the panther who is one of Mowgli's friends in "The Jungle Book"?

#34. What type of animal is King Louie?

#35. What does Mowgli use to distract and scare off Shere Khan in the final confrontation?

#36. Which character in "The Jungle Book" is a feral child raised by wolves in the Indian jungle?

#37. Who eavesdrops on Bagheera and Hathi's conversation about Mowgli's safety?

#38. Who convinces Baloo that the jungle will never be safe for Mowgli with Shere Khan around?

#39. After the encounter with the girl, where does Mowgli decide to go?

#40. What is the name of Colonel Hathi's wife?

#41. Which character tries to convince Mowgli to leave the jungle in "The Jungle Book"?



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