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Do you remember Rapunzel’s magical adventure in Disney’s Tangled?

This Tangled trivia will test your knowledge about the charming characters, memorable songs, and exciting moments from the movie.

Brush up on your Tangled knowledge and get ready to embark on a quiz full of hair-raising questions!

Let’s dive into the world of Tangled and see how well you remember this tale as old as time.

Tangled Trivia Questions And Answers

#1. Why does Gothel kidnap Rapunzel?

#2. Before its release, what was the original title of the film Tangled?

#3. Who steals Rapunzel's intended crown from the palace?

#4. How much did Tangled earn in worldwide box office revenue?

#5. What does Gothel give Rapunzel to test Eugene's loyalty?

#6. What short film was released in 2012 as a follow-up to Tangled?

#7. What do the Stabbington brothers trick Rapunzel into believing?

#8. Where does Flynn Rider take refuge after stealing the crown?

#9. What happens to Rapunzel's hair when it is cut?

#10. What does Rapunzel ask for on the eve of her 18th birthday to lure Gothel away?

#11. What brings Eugene back to life after being stabbed by Gothel?

#12. How does Gothel test Eugene's loyalty?

#13. What do Rapunzel and Eugene sail onto the lake to watch?

#14. Tangled was the eighth-highest-grossing film of which year?

#15. What happens to Gothel after Eugene cuts off Rapunzel's hair?

#16. What does the kingdom celebrate at the end of the movie?

#17. What does Eugene do to prevent Rapunzel from spending her life in captivity?

#18. What do the menacing thugs at the Snuggly Duckling pub try to do?

#19. How does Eugene try to apologize to the Stabbington brothers?

#20. Who wrote the screenplay for Tangled?

#21. What is the name of the kingdom that takes the magic flower?

#22. What does Rapunzel hide Flynn Rider in when Gothel returns to the tower?

#23. What is the central theme of Tangled?

#24. What revives Eugene after being stabbed by Gothel?

#25. How does Flynn Rider become involved with Rapunzel?

#26. Who aids Rapunzel in leaving her tower in Tangled?

#27. What does the kingdom celebrate after the events unfold?

#28. What did Rapunzel yearn for in Tangled?

#29. What do the king and queen release on Rapunzel's birthday?

#30. How long did Tangled spend in production?

#31. What do Rapunzel and Eugene announce in the narration at the end of the movie?

#32. What do Rapunzel and Eugene attend in honor of the "lost princess"?

#33. What is Tangled based on?

#34. How often do the king and queen release sky lanterns?

#35. What does Flynn Rider steal from the palace?

#36. What category did Tangled get nominated for at the 83rd Academy Awards?

#37. Who provided the voice for the character Rapunzel?

#38. What does the drop of sunlight from the sky produce?

#39. What was the genre of Tangled?

#40. What turns powerless when cut, losing the flower's magic?



Wow, you really know your way through the tangles of Tangled! You’ve proven yourself to be a true fan of this Disney film. You could probably navigate the kingdom of Corona with ease and even outsmart the cunning Mother Gothel. Your knowledge of Tangled is truly impressive, so take a moment to appreciate your achievement and maybe let your hair down for a celebration!
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Oh dear, it seems like you’re a bit tangled up in your Tangled knowledge! While you may have enjoyed the magical journey of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, there’s still a lot more to uncover. Don’t worry though, the floating lanterns of knowledge are within your reach! Dive back into the world of Tangled, rewatch the movie, and brush up on your trivia.

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If you enjoyed testing your knowledge with our Tangled Trivia, we’re glad you had a great time! Feel free to check out our other trivia challenges below. Who knows, you might find another topic you’re just as excited about. Happy quizzing!

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Great job on completing the Tangled trivia! Did you find it as enchanting as Rapunzel’s hair?

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