Reduce Noise From Laundry Room By Soundproofing


Do you find yourself turning up the volume of the television when the washing machine gets to the spin cycle? Washing machines and tumble driers are not necessarily the noisiest of household equipment but when combined with other household noises they can become very distracting.

If the noise from your laundry room is troubling you or giving you sleepless nights, it may be time to consider soundproofing your laundry room.

Structural sound – dealing with vibration

No washing machine is silent. They vibrate, they may rock and they often squeak. The rumbling lower pitched sound is usually caused by vibration. This causes structural sound or sound that travels through the solid structure of the home.

Because vibrations tend to reverberate through the structure of the house, they are difficult to lock out. To reduce the sound the vibration must be dealt with. Putting something soft such as a carpet or rubber sheet under that machine will help, but your best bet is to use vibration pads. They are easy to install and will reduce the difficult to remove low-frequency noise by up to thirty percent.

Vibration pads are available in various forms but I like the ones that are made specifically for washers and dryers, as they are easy to install and with a recess for the foot require no adhesive. These vibration pads come in a handy pack of four.

They are a universal size and will fit most washers or driers. Made from non-skid material, they will also stop your machine from walking during the spin cycle. The heavy-duty rubber will quieten squeaks and reduce vibration. They come with a small spirit level to help you to ensure that your machine is perfectly level and less likely to vibrate.

Stop the noise when the door is closed

In most homes, the doors and windows are where most sound escapes. This is especially true if the doors are hollow. The best and cheapest way to reduce the amount of noise escaping through the door is to purchase a soundproof blanket and hang it in front of the door inside the laundry.

Soundproof blankets are quick and easy to install and will absorb up to eighty percent of the noise of the machines. Soundproof or acoustic blankets work by absorbing the sound in the soft filler material inside the sleeve. The heavier the material, the more sound the blanket will absorb.

The Singer Safety double-faced quilted acoustic blanket will offer you superior soundproofing. It is a heavy duty soundproof blanket and is fitted with grommets for easy installation. The sides are sealed with quilted insulation. Whilst less expensive than many other soundproofing materials, an acoustic blanket is however not cheap and you may want to try using moving blankets instead.

If this is your choice, you should look for the heaviest moving blanket that you can find as they are definitely not as effective as the real deal. Also, bear in mind that they are smaller than acoustic blankets and most do not have grommets so you will have to fit these or make a rod pocket by turning the top over.

Alternatively, you may consider replacing the door with solid wood.

Block the gap beneath the door

If there is a large gap beneath your laundry door this may be where the noise is escaping, so you could achieve peace and quiet by closing the gap. This is easily achieved by purchasing and attaching a door sweep to the bottom of the door. Depending on the size of the gap this can make a big difference to the amount of sound that escapes from the laundry room.

This Under Door Seal from Amazon is made from durable silicone material and will reduce sound by a factor of five. The adhesive is made for warm, moist environments such as bathrooms and laundries. It has an attractive finish that will fit in with your household décor.

Other soundproofing measures

Before you resort to drastic measures that may include soundproofing the floor and walls it may be worth attempting to soundproof the cupboards that hold your machines. For this, the inside of the cupboard can be lined with mass loaded vinyl. This material is known for its sound deadening qualities and is easy to apply.

Soundproofing for the floor is also a viable option. Here you can use acoustic flooring with mass loaded vinyl. If you are going to resort to these more drastic measures I can recommend this underlay available from Amazon. It is one of the most effective acoustics barriers and is mold and mildew resistant, containing an anti-microbial so it the ideal product for rooms which are regularly steamy.

This product is suitable for installation under most floor coverings. If you’re unsure of how to lay the product you can find some Do It Yourself information here.

If the noise is still annoying, you may need to take more drastic measures by adding soundproofing material either to the outside or to the inside of your drywall. There are materials available that can be placed on the wall and then a coat of paint applied, or apply an additional layer of acoustic plasterboard to the walls. Heavier and thicker walls are also more effective in reducing sound. Use Green Glue Compound between the two layers. Green Glue works by converting energy into heat.

Other alternatives for sound deadening the laundry room could include

  • Acoustic paint sprayed onto the wall can also reduce noise by up to thirty percent. These paints contain sound absorbing resins and fillers.
  • Acoustic wallpaper can absorb up to seventy-five percent of sound.
  • Remove the plasterboard and to put soundproofing material such as fiberglass or Rock wool between the studs in the drywall. Replace the plasterboard with acoustic plasterboard.

You don’t have to compete with the noise from your laundry room

As you can see there are many ways to reduce the noise emanating from the laundry room. The solution to your noise problem could be quickly achieved and at little expense

In summary;

  • Attach vibration p​​​​ads to the washing machine and tumble drier
  • Hang an acoustic blanket over the laundry door
  • Block the gap below the door with a door sweep

If this doesn’t solve the problem to your satisfaction, you can consider Soundproofing the floors or Soundproofing the walls

Why let noise disturb your evenings? Improve your quality of life and take action.


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