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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a timeless classic that introduced audiences to the world of Disney animation. It was the first full-length animated feature film and set the stage for many more to come.

The story follows Snow White, a beautiful princess who befriends seven dwarfs after escaping from her evil stepmother, the Queen. Together, they embark on a journey of friendship, love, and adventure.

But how well do you remember this iconic film? Test your knowledge with this Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs trivia and see if you can name all the dwarfs, remember the songs, and recall key moments from the movie.

Let’s dive into the magical world of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!

Snow white and the seven dwarfs Trivia Questions And Answers

#1. What does the Magic Mirror tell the Queen about her beauty?

#2. What breaks the curse of the poisoned apple on Snow White?

#3. What is the primary source material for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?

#4. Who befriends Snow White when she is lost in the woods?

#5. What season is it when the prince learns of Snow White's eternal sleep?

#6. What does Snow White assume about the cottage in the woods when she first sees it?

#7. Where does the prince take Snow White after she is awakened?

#8. Who are the seven dwarfs that live with Snow White in the cottage?

#9. At the Academy Awards in 1938, for what category was Snow White nominated?

#10. How does the Queen plan to eliminate Snow White once and for all?

#11. What does the Huntsman do when ordered to kill Snow White?

#12. How does the story of Snow White conclude?

#13. What is the prince's reaction when he finds Snow White seemingly dead in the glass coffin?

#14. What is the Queen's fate after tricking Snow White with the poisoned apple?

#15. In what year did Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs receive a nomination at the Academy Awards?

#16. What do the dwarfs do during the day while Snow White keeps house for them?

#17. Why does the Queen force Snow White to work as a scullery maid?

#18. Where do the dwarfs place Snow White after she falls into a death-like slumber?

#19. What year did Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs premiere at the Carthay Circle Theatre in Los Angeles, California?

#20. What is Snow White's condition after biting the poisoned apple?

#21. How do the animals react when they see through the Queen's disguise?

#22. What is the Queen's reaction when she discovers that Snow White is still alive?

#23. What does the Magic Mirror reveal about Snow White's whereabouts to the Queen?

#24. How many directors were involved in directing sequences for Snow White?

#25. What does the prince do to awaken Snow White from her eternal sleep?

#26. What is the total number of Oscar statuettes presented to Walt Disney for Snow White's Best Musical Score nomination?

#27. How does the Queen determine who is the fairest one of all?

#28. What is the Queen's disguise when she goes to the dwarfs' cottage to deliver the poisoned apple?

#29. Who supervised the production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?

#30. How does the Queen react when she learns that Snow White is now the fairest in the land?



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