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Get ready to journey into the world of Kumandra with this Raya and the Last Dragon quiz!

Raya and the Last Dragon is a recent Disney animated film that tells the story of a young warrior named Raya as she embarks on a quest to find the last dragon and save her kingdom from an ancient evil.

Filled with stunning visuals, a diverse cast of characters, and a powerful message, this film has captured the hearts of many.

Think you know everything about Raya and her adventures? Test your knowledge with this trivia and see if you can become a true dragon warrior!

Raya and the Last Dragon Trivia Questions And Answers

#1. Who does Raya form alliances with during her journey to reclaim the gem pieces and banish the Druun?

#2. What element repels the Druun, saving Raya's life when Chief Benja throws her?

#3. What accolade was Raya and the Last Dragon nominated for?

#4. During the feast held by Chief Benja, which princess befriends Raya her a gift?

#5. Which tribe does Little Noi and her three ongis belong to?

#6. What item does Namaari give to Raya as a gesture of friendship during the feast?

#7. Which actress voiced the warrior princess, Raya?

#8. How many directors worked on the animated film Raya and the Last Dragon?

#9. Who is the young restaurateur from the Tail tribe that joins Raya's quest?

#10. In which chiefdom does Raya manage to summon Sisu, the last surviving dragon?

#11. What does Raya urge the others to do as the Druun gain on their group?

#12. What is the main lesson Raya learns during her journey?

#13. What motivated Raya, the warrior princess, to seek out the last dragon?

#14. Where do the tribes and dragons gather to unify after Kumandra is restored?

#15. Why does Raya insist on Sisu remaining disguised as a human during their journey?

#16. Who composed the score for Raya and the Last Dragon?

#17. How does Sisu, the last surviving dragon, initially fend off the Druun and revive Kumandra's people?

#18. What was the primary inspiration for the film's setting and characters?

#19. What happens when Namaari reassembles the gem before being petrified?

#20. Who is Chief Benja's daughter and the warrior princess trained to protect the gem?

#21. Who voiced the character Raya in the film?

#22. Which tribe pursues Raya in the hope of gaining the gem shards?

#23. What gesture of trust does Raya make towards Namaari during their encounter at Fang?

#24. What is the name of the evil spirits threatening Kumandra in the movie?

#25. Chief Benja belongs to which tribe in Kumandra?

#26. How does Benja save Raya's life during the attack on the gem?

#27. In which chiefdom does Sisu reveal her true dragon form to save Raya from Namaari?

#28. What land does Raya seek to save from the evil spirits?

#29. How many chiefdoms does Kumandra have?

#30. How does Sisu die?

#31. Which pandemic caused the original release date of Raya and the Last Dragon to be delayed twice?



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