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Ratatouille is a heartwarming tale of a rat with a passion for cooking who dreams of becoming a chef in a top Parisian restaurant.

This Pixar film is loved by people of all ages for its stunning animation, lovable characters, and inspiring message about following your dreams.

But how much do you really know about this culinary masterpiece?

Test your knowledge with this Ratatouille trivia and see if you have what it takes to be a top chef like Remy!

Ratatouille Trivia Questions

#1. How much money did Ratatouille gross at the box office?

#2. Pinkava directed Ratatouille from start to finish.

#3. What does Remy do to Linguini's soup?

#4. How did the crew create the food animation used in Ratatouille?

#5. Remy wants to become a chef like his human idol, Auguste Gusteau.

#6. Who is Remy's human idol?

#7. What happens to the restaurant after Remy's recipes become popular?

#8. Remy decides to leave the restaurant after finding exterminated rats.

#9. Who was the original director of Ratatouille?

#10. Remy's heightened senses of taste and smell are important to his dream of becoming a chef.

#11. Who convinces Skinner to keep Linguini in the kitchen?

#12. The film was not successful commercially.

#13. Ratatouille premiered in New York City.

#14. The film won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

#15. What is the name of the restaurant where Remy and Linguini work?

#16. What does Django show Remy to convince him that humans are dangerous?

#17. Which film beat Ratatouille for the Best Original Screenplay Oscar in 2008?

#18. Why does Skinner want to get rid of Remy?

#19. Who is Alfredo Linguini?

#20. What is the name of the garbage boy in Ratatouille?

#21. When was Ratatouille released in the United States?

#22. In what year was the PlayStation 3 version of the Ratatouille video game released?

#23. Which of these individuals wrote a negative review of the restaurant?

#24. What is Remy referred to as in Kingdom Hearts III?

#25. Ratatouille is the ninth film produced by Pixar.

#26. How does Remy control Linguini's movements in the kitchen?

#27. Who is Anton Ego?

#28. Ratatouille was the second highest-grossing animated film of 2007.

#29. Remy's recipes become popular, and Linguini's life improves as he develops a romantic relationship with Colette.

#30. Which game features Remy as the owner of the valley's restaurant, Chez Remy?

#31. Skinner orders Linguini to kill Remy.

#32. Who is Auguste Gusteau in Ratatouille?

#33. Who captures Remy?

#34. Who voiced Alfredo Linguini in Ratatouille?

#35. When did Ratatouille premiere?

#36. Where does Remy end up after he is separated from the other rats?

#37. What is the name of the restaurant where Remy dreams of becoming a chef?

#38. Ratatouille was voted one of the 100 greatest motion pictures of the 21st century

#39. The restaurant in the film is named after a famous chef.

#40. What did Anton Ego's negative review of the restaurant indirectly lead to?

#41. What is Skinner's reaction when he finds out that Linguini is Gusteau's illegitimate son?

#42. What was Ratatouille nominated for at the Academy Awards?

#43. Who produced Ratatouille?

#44. Remy, the main character, is a rat.

#45. Who invests in the new bistro that Remy, Linguini, and Colette open?

#46. What is Remy's dream?

#47. Colette, Linguini, and Remy open a bistro called La Ratatouille.

#48. At the start of the movie, the rats live in a restaurant's kitchen in Paris.

#49. Who composed the music for Ratatouille?

#50. What was Ratatouille's ranking among the highest-grossing films of 2007?

#51. Who directed Ratatouille?

#52. What is the title of the film Ratatouille referencing?

#53. The rat colony settles into La Ratatouille's attic as their new home.

#54. What happens when Linguini tries to fix the soup he ruined?

#55. Remy is captured by Skinner but freed by Django and Émile.

#56. Remy is a rat with heightened senses of hearing and sight.

#57. Who begrudgingly trains Linguini?

#58. What does Skinner do with the evidence that Linguini is Gusteau's heir?

#59. Linguini is Gusteau's biological son.

#60. Who voiced the character Remy in Ratatouille?



Bravo! You are a true Ratatouille expert. From the intricacies of French cooking to the hilarious antics of Remy and his rodent friends, you have shown that you know every detail of this charming Pixar film. You could probably open your own five-star restaurant with your culinary knowledge and expertise. Keep up the great work and bon appétit!
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Yikes, it looks like your knowledge of Ratatouille is a little undercooked. You may have remembered the basics, like Remy’s love for cooking and his unlikely partnership with Linguini, but there’s a whole world of culinary adventure that you’ve yet to explore. Don’t worry though, with a little bit of studying, you’ll be able to whip up a delicious ratatouille dish in no time!

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Congratulations on finishing the Ratatouille trivia! We hope you enjoyed testing your knowledge about this beloved Pixar film. Did you find it easy as pie, or did it have you scratching your head like a rat in a kitchen?

If you’re hungry for more trivia challenges, check out the options below for some tasty options!

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About Ratatouille

Ratatouille is a film that simply must be seen to be believed; it’s an animated feast for the eyes and soul, with its groundbreaking animation techniques and captivating cooking styles.

As an aspiring chef from Paris named Remy, our main character sets out to prove himself in the high-pressure world of professional cooking. It’s an uphill battle for him as he navigates his way through the harsh criticism of top chefs, but he ultimately creates some truly amazing dishes.

From the moment it starts, Ratatouille transports you into a world of gastronomy culture like no other – from Remy’s wild kitchen creations to Linguini’s heartfelt dishes, every scene leaves viewers in awe.

The characters are so well crafted and developed that it’s easy to forget they’re cartoon rats! You can tell just how much thought was put into each one and their individual stories, making them all feel distinct while giving them enough similarities to make sense as part of the same family.

These characters, combined with the richly detailed environments, draw audiences further into this mesmerizing story. This film will have you on your toes until the very end, never once losing its charm or originality.

There’s really nothing else quite like Ratatouille; it stands out even amongst Pixar’s library of amazing movies with its heartwarming tale and lush animation – just like a warm plate of Ratatouille on a cold winter night.

Loved the movie? Watch it again!

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