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Get ready to journey to the streets of Katwe for this Queen of Katwe trivia!

Based on a true story, this inspiring film follows the life of Phiona Mutesi, a young girl who becomes a chess prodigy against all odds.

With themes of perseverance, determination, and chasing your dreams, Queen of Katwe captured the hearts of audiences worldwide.

Challenge yourself with these Queen of Katwe trivia questions and find out if you have what it takes to be a Queen of Katwe trivia grandmaster!

Queen of Katwe Trivia Questions And Answers

#1. What prestigious title does Phiona Mutesi achieve in chess competitions in "Queen of Katwe"?

#2. In which country is Katwe located?

#3. Who plays the role of Phiona Mutesi in the film?

#4. Which two entities co-produced "Queen of Katwe"?

#5. In the film "Queen of Katwe," what is the setting of Katwe?

#6. What does Phiona hope to secure by becoming a Grandmaster?

#7. What does Phiona help her mother sell in the market?

#8. Who is the author of the book on which "Queen of Katwe" is partly based on?

#9. In which country does the Chess Olympiad take place?

#10. At what type of program does Phiona meet Robert Katende?

#11. The film "Queen of Katwe" is adapted from an article in which magazine?

#12. What sport does Phiona Mutesi excel in during the film?

#13. What major chess event does Phiona lead the Uganda team in?

#14. Which chess competition plays a significant role in Phiona Mutesi's journey in the film?

#15. Who does Phiona's lose to in the Chess Olympiad?

#16. What does Phiona achieve in the national school level tournament?

#17. What does Phiona purchase for her family after her success in chess?

#18. In which year was the film "Queen of Katwe" released?

#19. What is the nationality of Phiona Mutesi in "Queen of Katwe"?

#20. In which city is Katwe located, as depicted in the film?

#21. Which genre best describes "Queen of Katwe"?

#22. Who directed the film "Queen of Katwe"?

#23. Who does Phiona lose to at the Chess Olympiad?



Congratulations! You definitely know your stuff when it comes to Queen of Katwe. From the inspiring story of Phiona Mutesi to the cast of talented actors, it’s clear that you’ve paid attention to every aspect of this film. You’re like a champion chess player, strategically maneuvering through the questions and proving your expertise. Keep up the amazing work and continue sharing your knowledge of Queen of Katwe with others! You’re a true fan.
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Oops! It seems like you may need to brush up on your knowledge of Queen of Katwe. While you may have enjoyed the film, you might not remember all the intricate details or memorable moments. But fear not, because with a little research and a second chance, you can definitely become an expert on this inspiring story.

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