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Monsters, Inc. is one of Pixar’s most popular movies, with its unique concept of a world where monsters are real and work hard.

In Monsters, Inc., we follow the two monsters who work at a factory in their Monster world. But what happens when a human child accidentally enters their world?

If you’re a fan of this animated classic movie, then this Monsters, Inc. trivia is for you.

Let’s get started and see how much you remember about the world of Monsters and its endearing inhabitants.

Monsters, Inc. Trivia Questions and Answers

#1. Why is the work of scarers considered dangerous?

#2. Who wrote the story for Monsters, Inc.?

#3. What did Monsters, Inc. win an Academy Award for?

#4. What was Monsters, Inc. nominated for at the Academy Awards?

#5. In which magazine was the manga version of Monsters, Inc. distributed?

#6. What does Waternoose do when he sees Boo?

#7. What is the name of Sulley's rival?

#8. What is the name of the 3D re-release of Monsters, Inc.?

#9. Where is Mike when the young human girl interrupts his date?

#10. What does Roz allow Sulley to do at the end of the movie?

#11. Who is the CEO of Monsters, Inc.?

#12. Monsters, Inc. was the first film collaboration between Pixar and Randy Newman?

#13. What is the Child Detection Agency's role in Monsters, Inc.?

#14. Who quarantines the sushi restaurant where chaos erupts?

#15. What is the name of the factory in Monsters, Inc.?

#16. Did Monsters, Inc. win an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature?

#17. What is the name of the city in which the monsters live?

#18. What is Randall's new invention for harvesting children's screams?

#19. What does Monsters, Inc. produce?

#20. What film beat the Monsters, Inc. score for the Academy Award for Best Original Score?

#21. What do the monsters do in the factory?

#22. Which company produced Monsters, Inc.?

#23. Where does Sulley find Waternoose after he is exiled to the Himalayas?

#24. What does Sulley realize about the human girl after keeping her in his apartment for the night?

#25. How do Sulley and Mike disguise the human girl?

#26. Why is Boo's laughter significant?

#27. What is the name of Sulley's assistant and best friend?

#28. How many attractions at Disney theme parks around the world have been inspired by Monsters, Inc.?

#29. What does Waternoose use to exile Mike and Sulley to the Himalayas?

#30. What does Sulley realize about the young human girl's laughter in Monsters, Inc.?

#31. Why is Henry J. Waternoose III determined to prevent the company's collapse?

#32. What type of film is Monsters, Inc.?

#33. How do the monsters get energy in Monstropolis?

#34. Who discovers that an active door has been left in the station of his rival in Monsters, Inc.?

#35. Why does the monster world believe that children are toxic?



Wow, you really know your stuff when it comes to Monsters, Inc.! You could probably navigate through the world of Monstropolis with ease and charm any child into giggling for energy. Keep up the great work, and continue embracing the power of laughter. If you’re up for it you can refresh the page for some new questions.
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Hmm, it looks like you might need to brush up on your Monsters, Inc. knowledge. Sure, you may know who Sully and Mike are, but you couldn’t tell us how many doors there are in the scare factory or what the company’s tagline is.

Fear not, though — you can try again for a better score 🙂

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