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Get ready to dive into the world of Luca with this trivia!

Luca is a heartwarming Disney-Pixar film that tells the story of a young sea monster who experiences a life-changing summer on the Italian Riviera. Full of adventure, friendship, and self-discovery, it’s a movie that captivated audiences of all ages.

Now, it’s time to test your knowledge about this enchanting film. How much do you know about Luca, Alberto, Giulia, and the vibrant world they inhabit?

Let’s find out with this Luca movie trivia!

Luca Trivia Questions And Answers

#1. What is Massimo's profession?

#2. What motivates Luca, Alberto, and Giulia to team up for the triathlon?

#3. Why does Alberto sell the Vespa?

#4. In what year does the story of Luca take place?

#5. Which word bst describes Massimo's attitude towards sea monsters initially?

#6. Where is the town of Portorosso located in Luca?

#7. What sea creature is Luca Paguro?

#8. Where does Luca go to school in the end?

#9. How do Luca and Alberto cross the finish line in the triathlon?

#10. In the triathlon, what does Luca successfully complete without revealing his sea monster form?

#11. Which character in Luca is voiced by Jack Dylan Grazer?

#12. What are the three events in the Portorosso triathlon?

#13. What is the name of the town where Luca explores with his friends?

#14. What action by Giulia stops Ercole from harpooning Luca and Alberto?

#15. What does Alberto sell to get a train ticket for Luca?

#16. How does Luca complete the swimming race without revealing his sea monster form?

#17. Why do Luca's parents forbid him from approaching the surface?

#18. In which year was Luca released in theaters in the United States?

#19. To where do Luca's parents decide to send him after discovering his actions?

#20. Who stops Ercole from soaking Luca in a fountain?

#21. What streaming platform was Luca originally released on?

#22. What does Alberto teach Luca that enables sea monsters to turn into humans?

#23. Who directed Luca?

#24. Which one of these individuals is one of Luca's new best friend in the film?

#25. Why does Alberto intentionally reveal his sea monster form to Giulia?

#26. Where do Luca, Alberto, and Giulia stay during the triathlon?

#27. Luca Paguro, the main character, has the ability to do what on land?

#28. What common goal do Luca and Alberto share?

#29. Luca Paguro has the ability to assume what form while on land?

#30. Who adopts Alberto as his son during the credits?

#31. What is the name of the triathlon that takes place in the town of Portorosso?

#32. What do Luca and Alberto buy after the triathlon?

#33. In the film Luca, what is the metaphorical representation of sea monsters?

#34. How does Giulia find out that Luca is a sea monster?

#35. Why was Luca released direct-to-streaming in the United States?

#36. Where does Luca meet Alberto Scorfano for the first time?

#37. Who is the local bully in Portorosso?

#38. How does Ercole end up in a fountain?

#39. Who gives Luca an umbrella during the bike race?

#40. What is Ercole Visconti's claim to fame in Portorosso?



Bravo! You are a true Luca aficionado. From the charming friendship between Luca and Alberto to the breathtaking animation of the Italian Riviera, you have proven your expertise in this heartwarming story. You could probably blend in with the friendly sea monsters and explore the depths of Portorosso effortlessly. Your knowledge and appreciation for Luca is truly impressive. Keep spreading the joy of this film and sharing your love for it with others!
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It seems like you need to dive deeper into the world of Luca. While you may have enjoyed the film, there’s still much more to discover and learn about this enchanting story. Take some time to rewatch Luca, pay attention to the little details, and explore more about the characters and their adventures in the beautiful Italian Riviera. With a bit more knowledge, you’ll be able to navigate the seas of Luca trivia with ease and confidence!

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