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This Inside Out trivia will take you back to the emotional journey of Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust as they navigate the inner workings of a young girl’s mind.

Inside Out received widespread critical acclaim for its originality, storytelling, and emotional depth. It has become a fan favorite among both children and adults.

But how much do you remember about the different islands of personality, core memories, and the emotional rollercoaster that is Riley’s mind?

Let’s test your knowledge with this Inside Out trivia!

Inside Out Trivia Questions And Answers

#1. Who is the producer of Inside Out?

#2. What causes Riley to cry on her first day at the new school?

#3. Why does the recall tube fail for Joy and Bing Bong?

#4. What did Inside Out win at the 88th Academy Awards?

#5. How do Joy, Sadness, and Bing Bong plan to return to Headquarters?

#6. What happens to Bing Bong in the Memory Dump?

#7. What topping on pizza does Riley dislike in her new city?

#8. Why does Joy try to dispose of the sad core memory?

#9. In Riley's mind, memories are stored as colored orbs. How many basic emotions are associated with these memories?

#10. Inside Out follows the inner workings of the mind of which character?

#11. Which emotion is NOT one of the five personified emotions in Inside Out?

#12. Inside Out was released in which country first?

#13. What does Anger decide to do to restore Riley's happiness?

#14. What has happened to Riley a year after the move to San Francisco?

#15. What does Joy realize about Sadness's role in the mind?

#16. How old is Riley at the end of the story?

#17. What emotion abandons Sadness while trying to ride a "recall tube" back to Headquarters?

#18. What emotion tries to limit Sadness's influence in Riley's mind?

#19. Which emotion does Phyllis Smith voice in Inside Out?

#20. At what age does Riley move from Minnesota to San Francisco?

#21. In what year is the sequel, Inside Out 2, scheduled for release?

#22. What is the status of Riley's emotions at the end of the movie?

#23. What is the purpose of the colored orbs storing memories in Riley's mind?

#24. What does the expanded console have enough room for?

#25. Why does Bing Bong jump out of the wagon rocket in the Memory Dump?

#26. Who leads the basic emotions in Riley's mind?

#27. Who do Joy and Sadness encounter in the long-term memory area?

#28. What do Riley's emotions receive inside Headquarters at the end of the movie?

#29. Which emotion does Amy Poehler voice in the film?

#30. How do Joy and Bing Bong try to escape the Memory Dump?

#31. What is the name of Riley's imaginary friend

#32. Who directed the animated film Inside Out?

#33. What happens to Riley's personality islands without the core memories?

#34. Who takes control of the console after Riley falls into depression as she boards a bus to Minnesota?

#35. What emotion does Joy reunite with after her adventures with Bing Bong?

#36. What do Riley's parents tell her when she expresses missing her old life?

#37. How many awards was Inside Out nominated for at the 88th Academy Awards?

#38. At which film festival did Inside Out first premiere?

#39. Which of these studios produced Inside Out?

#40. What is the first emotion Riley experiences on her first day in San Francisco?



Wow, you’ve really explored the depths of Riley’s mind with Inside Out! You clearly understand the complex emotions and personalities that make up this amazing film. From Joy’s relentless optimism to Sadness’ necessary role in processing emotions, you’ve proven that you truly get what this movie is all about. You could probably even navigate the maze of long-term memory with ease! Keep up the great work.
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It looks like your knowledge of Inside Out could use a little boost. Maybe you were too caught up in the brilliance of the movie to pay attention to the details. But don’t worry, you can always give it another try.

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