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Dive into the deep blue sea trivia world with this Finding Nemo trivia!

Finding Nemo is a Pixar classic that has been beloved by audiences of all ages since its release in 2003. The story of a father’s quest to find his lost son has captivated our hearts and imaginations, and its many memorable characters have become household names.

How much do you remember about this underwater adventure? Can you name all the fish in the tank? Do you remember where Nemo was kept?

Test your knowledge with this Finding Nemo trivia and see how much you remember about Marlin, Nemo, and their underwater friends.

Finding Nemo Trivia Questions and Answers

#1. How do Marlin and Dory escape the mouth of the blue whale?

#2. Who is Tad in Finding Nemo?

#3. What do the sharks swear to abstain from eating?

#4. What is the name of the dentist who owns the office where Nemo is kept?

#5. What do Bruce, Anchor, and Chum swear to abstain from eating?

#6. What does Nemo do when Darla arrives?

#7. What is Nemo supposed to do for Sherman's niece Darla?

#8. Who are the two characters that Vicki Lewis voiced in Finding Nemo?

#9. What is the name of the regal blue tang in Finding Nemo?

#10. What is Gill's species?

#11. Who provided the voice for Dory in Finding Nemo?

#12. Who provided the voice for Marlin in Finding Nemo?

#13. Who directed Finding Nemo?

#14. Who composed the score for Finding Nemo?

#15. What does Nemo use to block the aquarium's filter?

#16. Who does Marlin meet while pursuing the boat that captured Nemo?

#17. What is Dory's problem?

#18. Where does Nemo go at the end of the movie?

#19. Where is Nemo placed after being captured?

#20. Who has foiled the Tank Gang with a new high-tech filter?

#21. What do Marlin and Dory encounter after being stung by jellyfish?

#22. What does Dory memorize that helps her and Marlin escape from an anglerfish?

#23. What group of sea creatures do Marlin and Dory encounter in the East Australian Current?

#24. What is the name of Marlin's son?

#25. What is the main objective of Marlin and Dory in Finding Nemo?

#26. Who leads the Tank Gang in the dentist's office?

#27. What happens to Coral and the eggs?

#28. What happens when Nemo attempts to block the filter with a pebble?

#29. What type of fish is Dory?

#30. What captures Nemo?

#31. What scent sends Bruce into a feeding frenzy?

#32. What happens to Marlin and Dory after being stung by a forest of jellyfish?

#33. What year was Finding Nemo released in theaters in the United States?

#34. What does Nigel do to terrify Darla?

#35. Who helps Nemo escape from the aquarium?



Holy mackerel, you know your Finding Nemo trivia like the back of your flipper! From Nemo’s adventurous spirit to Dory’s unforgettable forgetfulness, you’ve got every detail of this classic Pixar film down pat. You could probably outswim a school of sharks with just a few facts and quotes from the movie. Keep up the great work and who knows – you might even find yourself in Sydney one day!
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Oh dear, it looks like you’re not quite as ocean-savvy as you thought! While you might have a general idea of what Finding Nemo is all about, your memory of the characters, plot, and setting is a bit murky. But don’t let that get you down – just keep swimming! With a few extra movie viewings, you’ll be ready to take on the vast, deep sea of Finding Nemo trivia in no time.

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We hope you enjoyed testing your knowledge with our Finding Nemo trivia! If you’re looking for more quizzes like this one, check out our selection below. Happy quizzing!

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