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Are you ready to take a trip into the magical world of Enchanted?

This Enchanted trivia will test your knowledge of this whimsical Disney movie that combines animation and live-action.

From memorable songs to charming characters, Enchanted has captured the hearts of audiences around the world.

Let’s see just how well you remember this modern fairy tale with this Enchanted trivia!

Enchanted Trivia Questions And Answers

#1. Who played the role of the male lead in "Enchanted"?

#2. Where does Narissa take Robert hostage during the final confrontation?

#3. How does Giselle rescue Robert when he is in danger on the rooftop?

#4. Which two individuals wrote and produced the songs of "Enchanted"?

#5. Who does Edward ultimately marry in the animated fairy tale kingdom of Andalasia?

#6. What does Giselle summon to clean Robert's apartment?

#7. How does Narissa die in the real world?

#8. At which film festival did "Enchanted" premiere?

#9. What is Giselle's reaction when she first arrives in the real world and becomes lost?

#10. What does Nathaniel decide to do at the end of the movie?

#11. Who reveals Queen Narissa's evil plot at the end of the story?

#12. What is the Queen's name in the animated kingdom of Andalasia?

#13. What type of film is "Enchanted" considered to be?

#14. Whose kiss fails to wake Giselle from her enchanted sleep?

#15. How does Nathaniel communicate after being turned into a live-action version in the real world?

#16. Where do Robert and Giselle attend a costume ball in New York?

#17. Where does Pip the chipmunk stay at the end of the movie?

#18. What city serves as the live-action setting for "Enchanted"?

#19. In the real world, where does Giselle find herself after being pushed into a well by Narissa?

#20. What animal does Pip turn into when he is transformed into a live-action version?

#21. What is Queen Narissa's primary motive for her actions in Andalasia?

#22. In the animated fairy tale kingdom of Andalasia, what is Giselle's dream?

#23. What is the occupation of Patrick Dempsey's character in "Enchanted"?

#24. What is the name of the sequel to "Enchanted"?

#25. What does Narissa transform into to take on Giselle in the final battle?

#26. Who does Queen Narissa send to distract Prince Edward from finding his true love?

#27. How does Giselle help Robert reconcile with Nancy in the real world?

#28. Who directed the film "Enchanted"?

#29. What is the main focus of "Enchanted"?

#30. What is the profession of Robert Philip in the real world?

#31. How does Giselle create a happy family in New York?

#32. Who served as the narrator in "Enchanted"?

#33. What is the source of Giselle's fashion design success in New York?

#34. What does Nathaniel use to try to kill Giselle in the real world?

#35. What object does Giselle use to defeat Narissa on the rooftop?

#36. What is the antidote to the poisoned apple's curse, according to the story?

#37. Who won the Best Actress award for her role in "Enchanted" at the Saturn Awards?

#38. What do Giselle, Robert, and Morgan share on the roof after defeating Narissa?

#39. Where do Edward and Nancy fall in love and get married?

#40. What does Narissa offer to Giselle at the ball, claiming it will wipe her memories?



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