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Get ready to dive back into the world of fairy tales with this Disenchanted trivia!

The highly anticipated sequel to the beloved film Enchanted is set to bring more magic, music, and mayhem to the screen.

With new songs, new characters, and new twists, Disenchanted promises to be just as enchanting as the original.

Can you sing all the songs, remember all the characters, and recall all the funny moments? Let’s find out with this Disenchanted trivia!

Disenchanted Trivia Questions And Answers

#1. How does Estella survive the fall at the charity gala?

#2. How does Cruella gain notoriety and attention in society?

#3. How many live-action adaptations are there in the 101 Dalmatians franchise, including "Cruella"?

#4. What category did "Cruella" win at the 27th Critics' Choice Awards?

#5. Where does Cruella stage her own rock music fashion show after wrecking the Baroness's spring show?

#6. Who did the Baroness order to murder the infant Estella?

#7. What does the Baroness do to Estella at the charity gala?

#8. Who is revealed to be Estella's biological mother?

#9. What is the primary genre of "Cruella"?

#10. What does Cruella design as the signature piece for the Baroness's spring collection?

#11. What does the necklace unlock, revealing Estella's true identity?

#12. Where does Estella get a job after Jasper arranges it for her on her birthday?

#13. Which actress stars as the title character in "Cruella"?

#14. What triggers the Baroness to realize that Estella and Cruella are the same person?

#15. Who is the society columnist that helps Cruella gain notoriety?

#16. How does Cruella stage her rock music fashion show after wrecking the Baroness's show?

#17. How does Cruella exact revenge on the Baroness after learning the truth about her past?

#18. Who saves Estella from the burning building set by the Baroness?

#19. From which store does Estella get the vintage clothing for her disguise at the Baroness's ball?

#20. What are the two nominations "Cruella" received at the 94th Academy Awards?

#21. How many live-action adaptations of the 101 Dalmatians franchise exist before "Cruella"?

#22. What aspect of "Cruella" won at the 75th British Academy Film Awards?

#23. How was "Cruella" released in the United States?

#24. What is the setting of "Cruella" in terms of fashion trends?

#25. Who directed the 2021 film "Cruella"?

#26. Who served as an executive producer alongside Emma Stone for "Cruella"?

#27. What is the film's setting in terms of time and place?

#28. What is the reason Estella is ostracized by others as a child?

#29. Who portrayed Cruella de Vil in the previous live-action adaptations, "101 Dalmatians" (1996) and "102 Dalmatians" (2000)?

#30. After becoming an orphan, where does Estella run away to?

#31. What is Estella's special talent that sets her apart as a child?

#32. What item of Estella's does the Baroness wear, claiming it's a family heirloom?

#33. Why did the Baroness order John to murder infant Estella?

#34. Where does Estella confront the Baroness at the charity gala?

#35. What is the title character's full name in "Cruella"?

#36. Which actress, who appeared in previous adaptations, serves as an executive producer on "Cruella"?

#37. What faux material does Cruella use for her rock music fashion show coat?

#38. How many nominations did "Cruella" receive at the 94th Academy Awards?

#39. What event does Estella attend in the Baroness's Black and White Ball to retrieve her mother's necklace?

#40. How does Estella's mother, Catherine, meet her demise?



Well, well, well, look who’s a Disenchanted expert! You clearly know your way around the story of Giselle and her continued journey in the real world. From catchy songs to humorous moments, you have demonstrated a deep understanding of this fairy tale sequel. It seems like you’re ready to step into the world of Andalasia and join Giselle in her magical adventures. Keep spreading the enchantment!
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Oh no, it seems like your knowledge of Disenchanted needs a little enchanting! Maybe you’ve caught glimpses of the catchy songs or the whimsical characters, but you’re not quite ready to embark on your own enchanted adventure just yet. Don’t worry, though. With a little bit of fairy dust and some dedicated movie-watching, you’ll be singing and dancing with Giselle and her friends in no time. Keep working on it, and you’ll become a true Disenchanted aficionado soon enough!

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