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Get ready to dive into the world of Cruella trivia! This recent Disney film takes a fresh and dark twist on the classic villain from 101 Dalmatians.

With its unique take on the character and stunning visuals, Cruella has captivated audiences around the world.

If you’re a fan of the movie or just love Disney villains, this Cruella trivia is perfect for you. Let’s see how much you really know about this wickedly stylish film. Test your knowledge with this Cruella trivia and see if you were able to spot all the hidden references and Easter eggs!

Cruella Trivia Questions And Answers

#1. What is Tyson's role in the fairytale-themed ball in Monroeville?

#2. Who presents Giselle and her family with a wish-granting wand?

#3. What role does Giselle take on in Monroeville after everything returns to normal?

#4. What does Giselle realize about her behavior after using the magic wand?

#5. How does Giselle overpower Malvina during their magic duel?

#6. In Monrolasia, what does Oscar Nunez's character Edgar transform into?

#7. Which character is a realtor and the head of Monroeville's town council?

#8. In Monrolasia, what is Robert Philip's counterpart's occupation?

#9. Why does Morgan awaken in their house with everything back to normal?

#10. Who directed the film "Disenchanted"?

#11. What does Giselle wish for using the wand?

#12. What is Morgan's final wish using the wish-granting wand?

#13. What is the name of Giselle and Robert's baby?

#14. What platform released "Disenchanted" in the United States?

#15. What do Robert and Tyson do to delay the final chime of the clock tower?

#16. How does Giselle return to normal after the duel with Malvina?

#17. Why does Giselle send Morgan to Andalasia through a well?

#18. What does Malvina demand from Giselle in exchange for Morgan's safety?

#19. What does the magic wand's instruction scroll reveal about Giselle's wish?

#20. Who becomes the town's evil queen with magical powers after Giselle's wish?

#21. Who returned as the film's songwriters for "Disenchanted"?

#22. Who attempts to make the clock tower chime before it is destroyed?

#23. What is the result of Morgan's drawing at the ball?

#24. What happens when Giselle rips the drawing during the duel?

#25. What is the magical ability of Pip in the sequel?

#26. Why does Giselle plan to move the family to Monroeville?

#27. Who becomes the evil queen with magical powers in Monrolasia?

#28. During the magic duel at the ball, what has Pip been turned into by Giselle?

#29. Who arrives for another visit to the Philips in their now happy life at the end of the story?

#30. At what kind of ball does Malvina plan to have her son Tyson elected as prince?

#31. Which film preceded "Disenchanted"?

#32. Which character is portrayed by Yvette Nicole Brown in the movie?

#33. Who reprised their roles from the first film in "Disenchanted"?

#34. As midnight approaches, what begins to disappear from Andalasia?

#35. Who apologizes to Malvina for stepping over her plans?

#36. What does Morgan recreate to bring back Giselle's memories?

#37. In addition to Amy Adams, who reprises their roles from the first film in "Disenchanted"?

#38. Who does Giselle try to get elected as the ball's princess?

#39. What brings poor first experiences for the Philips in Monroeville?

#40. Who does Malvina enlist to steal the magic wand?



Bravo! You have proven yourself to be a true fan of the Cruella movie. From the exquisite fashion choices to the captivating performances, you have shown that you know all the ins and outs of this wickedly fabulous film.
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Uh oh, it seems like you still have a lot to learn about the world of Cruella. While you may have caught a glimpse of the fashionable villain and her mischievous adventures, there are definitely some gaps in your knowledge.

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Well done on completing the Cruella trivia! Did you unleash your inner fashionista and conquer the questions, or were there a few that stumped you? Either way, I hope you had a fantastic time!

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