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Coco is a heartfelt animation film that tells the story of a young boy who dreams of becoming a musician like his idol. Coco was a huge success for Disney and Pixar, winning multiple awards and nominations

In this Coco trivia, we will test your knowledge of the characters, the story, and the themes of the film. How much do you remember about Miguel, Hector, and the Land of the Dead?

Let’s find out!

Coco Trivia Questions and Answers

#1. What curse is placed on Miguel when he steals Ernesto's guitar?

#2. What does Imelda do when she learns the truth about Héctor's death?

#3. Who played the role of Miguel in Coco?

#4. What is the name of Imelda's alebrije?

#5. What instrument does Miguel teach himself to play?

#6. What is the name of the Mexican holiday that inspired the concept of Coco?

#7. Who is Imelda?

#8. Who played the role of Hector in Coco?

#9. What does Miguel do after his grandmother destroys his guitar?

#10. What is the name of the actress who voiced the character of Miguel's grandmother in Coco?

#11. After Miguel plays "Remember Me" on Héctor's guitar, Coco brightens and sings along with him.

#12. What was the worldwide box office gross of Coco?

#13. Who composed the score for Coco?

#14. Coco's letters prove that Ernesto stole Héctor's songs.

#15. What is the name of the protagonist in Coco?

#16. What is the name of the street where Miguel's family lives in the film?

#17. What does Miguel inadvertently break on the Day of the Dead?

#18. Who offers to help Miguel get to Ernesto?

#19. What is the name of Hector's dog in the film?

#20. Where is Héctor's photograph located that Miguel must take to the Land of the Living?

#21. Which studio produced Coco?

#22. What does Miguel discover about Ernesto and Héctor?

#23. What does Miguel break into to take Ernesto's guitar?

#24. What was unique about Coco's principal cast?

#25. What award did Coco receive at the 90th Academy Awards?

#26. Where are Miguel and Héctor thrown by Ernesto?

#27. Who are the only people that Miguel can interact with when he is invisible?



Felicidades! You are a true Coco fan! It’s clear that you not only enjoyed the music and beautiful animation, but you also paid attention to every detail of the story. You probably know more about the Land of the Dead than the living world at this point. You would fit in perfectly at Miguel’s family’s celebration of Día de los Muertos. Congratulations on your expertise and keep spreading the joy and love that Coco inspires!
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Yikes, it seems like your knowledge of Coco is a little lacking. You may have enjoyed the music and cried at the heartwarming moments, but when it comes to the details, you’re a bit lost. Don’t worry, though, you can always try again 🙂

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Great job answering all of our Coco quiz questions! If you want to test your knowledge on other movies or topics, check out some of our other trivia challenges below. Happy quizzing!

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