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Top 10 Cat Themed Cookie Jars for Cat Lovers

Cats are fantastic animals, so it’s no wonder why people are obsessed with them. If you want the best cat themed cookie jar to store your cookies (or candy, snacks), or gift to a cat owner, then look no further. In this article we provide you with a variety of cat cookie jars you can use to add some cat decorations to your home.

Hand-Painted Earthenware Pretty Kitty Hinged Jar

Hand-Painted Earthenware Pretty Kitty Hinged Jar by Boston Warehouse

Nothing quite makes your dull and monochrome kitchen countertops pop with vibrant orange colors than a hand-painted earthenware kitty jar.

You can store all kinds of things in this jar from treats for your cats to your favorite tea or coffee.

The jar comes with a rubber seal and locking metal ring to seal in the freshness of whatever you keep inside it.

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Ceramic Cat Treat Cookie Jar

ART & ARTIFACT Ceramic Cat Treat Cookie Jar - Sealable Kitchen Canister

This ceramic cat cookie jar by ART & ARTIFACT just might be the perfect gift for yourself or your cat lover friends. With its minimalist design, you can be sure that it will blend perfectly well on your kitchen counter all while making it more unique and interesting.

This jar is made of high-quality ceramic and comes with an airtight lid so you are sure your baked treats are always fresh.

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Chester The Cat Kitty Cookie Jar Food Container

Chester The Cat/Kitty Cookie Jar Food Container

This Chester The Cat cookie jar is part of a collection that all Chester The Cat fans are crazy about. However, you don’t have to be a fan of Chester the Cat to appreciate this jar. This cookie jar is made from ceramic and has a glossy finish that only makes it prettier.

This jar also has a rubber seal on the lid that ensures you still get that crisp on your cookies despite being in the tin Cookie jar for a long period of time.

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Disney Ceramics Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat Cookie Jar Canister

Enesco Disney Ceramics Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat Cookie Jar Canister, 10.25 Inch, MulticolorIf you’re a Disney fan, then there is no doubt that you will love this Cheshire Cat cookie jar. Carefully hand-crafted and hand-painted by the artists at Enesco, this Cheshire Cat cookie jar is truly special.

Made with high-quality stoneware ceramic and a rubber seal on the lid, you’ll be sure you’re getting your money’s worth with this kitty cat cookie jar

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Captain Marvel’s “Goose The Cat” Gold Ceramic Cookie Jar

Captain Marvel's "Goose The Cat

This Goose the Cat ceramic cookie jar will be a marvellous surprise for your friend who is a huge fan of Marvel. Even more, if that friend of yours is a fan of Captain Marvel in particular. This Goose the Cat is not only unique, but it also offers a lot of space inside as it is nine inches tall and six inches wide so you can store all your favorite treats.

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Lenox Butterfly Meadow Figural Kitten Cookie Jar

Lenox Butterfly Meadow Figural Kitten Cookie Jar

This elegant and cute treat container by Lenox will not disappoint. Offering you a very dainty design with its purple tulips, blue butterflies, and a kitten sitting on top of the lid. You will enjoy this porcelain kitten cookie jar solo or together with its matching butterfly meadow dinnerware. Not only is this cookie jar pretty and an eye catching decorative item, but it is also easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe.

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Ceramic Feline Orange Tabby Fat Cat With Giant Fish Belly Cookie Jar

Ebros Ceramic Feline Orange Tabby Fat Cat With Giant Fish Belly Cookie Jar 7.25"Tall Decorative Kitchen Accessory Figurine As Decor of Cats Kittens or Kitty

This ceramic orange cat cookie jar will definitely spice up your kitchen counter or coffee table with its unique design. It is made with high-quality ceramic so you get your money’s worth. This piece is also hand-painted and polished so you get that pretty and glossy finish. This tabby fat cat cookie jar is good for storing all your goodies from candies to cookies or whatever sweet treats you wish to keep inside.

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Cat Flerken Hand-Painted Cookie Jar

Marvel Comics Captain Marvel Goose The Cat Flerken Hand-Painted Cookie Jar | Official Marvel Durable Ceramic Collectible

This Goose the Cat cookie jar will surely bring a smile to any fan of Marvel. You can tell that the artist who hand-painted this piece took his time as the design is more detailed than that of others in the market. Not only is this cookie jar unique, but it is also 9 inches tall and is big enough to fill with your favourite cookies when you send it as a gift to your friends or family members.

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Omatsuri Ceramic Cookie Jar

Omatsuri Ceramic Cookie Jar with Airtight Lid - Cute Cat Decorative Cookie Container - Kitchen Food Storage Holder - Large Unique Canister for Biscuit, Candy, Snack, Sweets, Baked Treats and Pancakes

Omatsuri is an important cultural festival in Japan that lives up to this day. One of the things they celebrate on that day is community harmony. What better way to celebrate community harmony than giving this cute Hello Kitty Omatsuri cookie jar as a gift to a friend or loved one. This iconic cookie jar isn’t just pretty to look at, it is an excellent gift and is also airtight so you can keep your food fresh all the time.

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Cat Glass Jar Bottle

What’s better than a really adorable cat glass jar bottle? Two adorable cat glass jar bottles! This cat glass jar bottle comes in a set of two. You can choose to keep both for yourself or share the other with a fellow cat lover. This set is made of glass so you can see the contents of the bottles. It also comes with a red lid that makes the design stand out and pop.

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