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Get ready to rev your engines with this Cars trivia!

Cars is a Pixar classic that has become a favorite among children and adults alike. The lovable characters, heartwarming story, and stunning animation make it a must-watch for any Pixar fan.

But how well do you really know Lightning McQueen, Mater, and the rest of the gang? Can you name all the cars in Radiator Springs? Do you remember the iconic race scenes?

Let’s put your Cars knowledge to the test with this trivia!

Cars Trivia Questions

#1. Who wrote the screenplay for Cars?

#2. What does Lightning do in a rush to leave Radiator Springs?

#3. What does Lightning McQueen do to repair the road in Radiator Springs?

#4. What is the setting of Cars?

#5. What is Lightning McQueen's occupation in the movie?

#6. Who voices Luigi in the movie Cars?

#7. What maneuver does Chick Hicks perform on The King during the final race?

#8. What does Lightning McQueen bond over with rusty tow truck Mater?

#9. Fill in the blank: Sally Carrera is a ______ in the movie?

#10. What's the name of the local lawyer in Radiator Springs?

#11. Who voices Ramone in the movie Cars?

#12. Who becomes Lightning McQueen's crew chief during the final race?

#13. What does Doc Hudson challenge Lightning McQueen to?

#14. Who does Lightning McQueen race against in the tiebreaker race in Cars?

#15. What causes Mack to lose Lightning McQueen in Cars?

#16. What was the title of the first sequel of Cars produced by Pixar?

#17. Which of these figures is closest to what the budget of Cars was?

#18. Why is Lightning McQueen desperate to win the race?

#19. Who voices Mater in Cars?

#20. Who voices Fillmore in the movie Cars?

#21. Fill in the blank: Lightning McQueen is a ______?

#22. What is Lightning McQueen's real first name?

#23. Who directed the film Cars?

#24. Fill in the blank: Dinoco 400 is a ______?

#25. What is the setting of the Cars movie?



You’re a real speed demon when it comes to Cars trivia! From the names of all the different racecars to the iconic quotes from the film, you’ve shown that you know this movie like the back of your hand. You could probably give Lightning McQueen a run for his money on the racetrack. Keep up the great work and show off your Cars knowledge to all of your friends! Refresh the page to challenge yourself and take the quiz again with a new set of questions.
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Looks like you need to hit the gas and rev up your Cars trivia knowledge!

You might know Lightning McQueen’s name and recognize Mater’s goofy grin, but when it comes to the finer details of the film, you’re running on fumes.

But don’t give up just yet – refresh the page to retake the quiz, you could be zooming towards a perfect score in no time!

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Congratulations on completing our Cars Trivia! We hope you enjoyed the challenge and learned something new about Lightning McQueen and the gang. If you’re up for more quizzing fun, check out some of these other topics below:

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