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Get ready to rev up your engines and test your knowledge of the latest installment of the Cars franchise with this Cars 3 trivia.

The beloved characters from Radiator Springs return for another adventure, and this time they’re joined by some new faces as well.

With high-speed races, heartwarming moments, and plenty of laughs, Cars 3 is a movie that appeals to fans of all ages.

But how much do you really know about Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez, and the rest of the gang?

Let’s find out with this Cars 3 quiz questions!

Cars 3 Trivia Questions

#1. Who does Mater suggest that Lightning track down in his hometown of Thomasville, Georgia?

#2. Who does Lightning McQueen's sponsors, Rusty and Dusty Rust-eze, sell the company to?

#3. Who voiced Guido Quaroni in Cars 3?

#4. Who is the antagonist in Cars 3?

#5. Who does Lightning McQueen use as his sparring partner to learn new tricks?

#6. Who directed Cars 3?

#7. What type of film is Cars 3?

#8. Who voiced the character Cruz Ramirez in Cars 3?

#9. Who is the crew chief of Cal Weathers in Cars 3?

#10. Who reveals that despite the fact that Doc never raced again, he found new happiness in training Lightning?

#11. Which of the following individuals is NOT a writer for Cars 3?

#12. Who bought Rust-eze from Lightning's sponsors?

#13. How does Lightning McQueen react when he accidentally breaks Cruz's trophy?

#14. Which production studio produced Cars 3?

#15. Who is assigned to train Lightning McQueen after his crash?

#16. Who does Lightning McQueen enter a figure-8-style demolition derby with at Thunder Hollow?

#17. Which Cars 3 actor received a nomination for Choice Movie Actor: Comedy in the 2017 Teen Choice Awards?

#18. What award did Cars 3 receive a nomination for at the 2017 IGN Awards?

#19. Who is the main antagonist in Cars 3?

#20. What happens to Lightning McQueen in the final race of the season at Los Angeles?

#21. Who is Sterling in the "Cars" franchise?

#22. Who is Lightning's sparring partner during training?

#23. When was Cars 3 released in the United States?

#24. What is "Run That Race" about according to Dan Auerbach?

#25. Which installment of the Cars film series is Cars 3?



You’re a true speed demon! You know everything there is to know about Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez, and the rest of the Cars 3 crew. You could probably navigate the twists and turns of the Piston Cup with ease. Your knowledge of the movie’s plot, characters, and even the smallest details is truly impressive. You should be proud of yourself for acing this quiz and becoming a true Cars 3 expert. Keep up the great work, and take the quiz again with a new set of questions bu refreshing the page.
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It seems like you may need to take a pit stop and refuel on your Cars 3 knowledge.

You may have been racing through the movie, but you missed some of the key details.

Don’t worry, with a little more practice and some time spent watching Lightning McQueen and his friends in action, you’ll be up to speed in no time.

So rev your engines, refresh the page, and redo the quiz with a new set of questions 🙂

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Congratulations on completing our Cars 3 Trivia! We hope you enjoyed testing your knowledge about Lightning McQueen and his friends. If you’re looking for more quizzes to challenge yourself, check out our selection below!

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