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Buckle up and get ready for some Cars 2 trivia!

This high-speed sequel follows Lightning McQueen and his friends as they travel the world and compete in the first-ever World Grand Prix.

As with all Pixar movies, there are plenty of hidden gems and Easter eggs to discover, as well as a few surprising cameos.

So, rev your engines and see how much you really know about the world of Cars 2 with this trivia challenge.

Car 2 Trivia Questions And Answers

#1. John Lasseter came up with the idea for Cars 2 while promoting the first film.

#2. Fill in the blank: Cars 2 received a Golden Globe nomination for ________

#3. Mater's weapons are confiscated at the end of the movie.

#4. The Radiator Springs Grand Prix includes all the World Grand Prix contenders.

#5. Mater and Lightning flee from the lemons in Finn's jet, Siddeley.

#6. Who is the main character in Cars 2?

#7. Who created Allinol and the World Grand Prix in Cars 2?

#8. Cars 2 topped the box office in its first weekend in all 18 countries it premiered in

#9. Paul Newman, who voiced Doc Hudson in the original Cars film, passed away before Cars 2 was released.

#10. Who won the first race of the World Grand Prix?

#11. Who provided the film score for Cars 2?

#12. Who voiced the character of Holley Shiftwell?

#13. Who replaced George Carlin's role in Cars 2?

#14. Mater causes a scene at the World Grand Prix promotional party by spilling his drink on Lightning.

#15. George Carlin, who voiced Fillmore in the original Cars film, voiced Fillmore again in Cars 2.

#16. Who planted a tracking device on Mater?

#17. Which race car is the main character in Cars 2?

#18. Larry the Cable Guy voices Mater in Cars 2.

#19. Mater receives an honorary knighthood from the Queen for his espionage work.

#20. Who plans to kill Lightning during the final race in London?

#21. Who is revealed to be the mastermind behind the plot to turn the world against Allinol?

#22. Brad Lewis was a director of Cars 2.

#23. Cars 2 is a prequel to Cars.

#24. What does Mater accidentally do during the final race in London?

#25. How does Mater embrass Lighting during World Grand Prix promotional party?

#26. Cars 2 was the highest-grossing Pixar film in North America

#27. Who does British spy Finn McMissile rescue from an oil rig?

#28. Mater decides to go on another mission with Finn and Holley.

#29. The film was nominated for Best Animated Feature Film at the 69th Golden Globe Awards.

#30. Paul Newman voiced Doc Hudson in Cars 2.

#31. Who infiltrates an oil rig owned by a group of criminal lemon cars to rescue a fellow spy?

#32. How much did Cars 2 gross worldwide?

#33. Lightning McQueen's off-season is spent in Italy.

#34. American spy Rod "Torque" Redline is killed by criminal lemon Professor Zündapp.

#35. Sir Miles Axlerod created the World Grand Prix to promote his new environmentally friendly fuel, Allinol.



Ka-chow! You are a true Cars 2 expert! From the high-speed action to the hilarious characters, you know it all. You could probably out-race Lightning McQueen and outsmart Finn McMissile with ease. Your knowledge of this Pixar classic is impressive, and you should be proud of your mastery of Cars 2 trivia. Keep up the great work, and remember – the only way to go is forward!
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Yikes, it looks like you might need to take a pit stop and brush up on your Cars 2 knowledge. While you may be able to recognize Lightning McQueen and Mater, you’re not quite up to speed on the details of their spy adventure. But don’t worry, with a little research and a lot of determination, you can be zooming to the top of the leaderboard in no time. So rev your engines and get ready to learn everything there is to know about Cars 2 and try again.

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Great job completing our Cars 2 trivia! If you want to test your knowledge on other Disney movies or TV shows, check out some of the trivia challenges below. Keep up the good work!

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Refresh your Cars 2 Knowledge

I’m a huge fan of the first movie, so I was thrilled when Cars 2 came out. Cars 2 is also released by Pixar Animation Studios and directed by John Lasseter.

Cars 2 follows the continuing adventures of Lightning McQueen, a racecar voiced by Owen Wilson, and his trusty sidekick Mater, voiced by Larry the Cable Guy. This time, they find themselves in an exciting international race called the World Grand Prix, competing against some of the fastest cars in the world. Along the way, they meet up with some new friends and get caught up in a thrilling espionage caper that takes them around the world.

Cars 2 is a fun, fast-paced ride that will keep you entertained from start to finish. The story is inventive, and the characters are charming and memorable. The animation is superb, with vibrant colors and lush environments that bring life to the world of Cars. The film also has plenty of exciting action sequences, and there’s plenty of humor sprinkled throughout too.

While it may not be quite up there with some of Pixar’s best films like Toy Story or Ratatouille, it is still a highly entertaining movie for kids of all ages that delivers thrills, laughs, and heartwarming moments throughout its runtime.

Well done on completing my Cars 2 trivia! How did you do? Did you find it easy, or was it a bit of a challenge? Either way, I hope you had fun!

If you’re looking for more quizzes to test your knowledge, be sure to check out some of the other ones we have available on our site. There’s something for everyone!

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