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Once upon a time watch was a necessity. Nowadays, the majority just whip out their latest smartphones with their sleek displays to check the time. However, watches still remain a fashion statement, which can be collected and swapped with different outfits. One even becomes your signature piece, integrated intimately with your character and identity.

Carrie Hughes is one such company that offers elegant and exquisitely made watches for all occasions. May it be pocket watches, men’s watches, vintage watches, automatic watches, military watches or mechanical retro pocket watches with chains, each piece spells class and style.

If you’ve been meaning to buy a Carrie Hughes watch, we have a selection for you.

Best Carrie Hughes Watch Review

Here is a review list of the top Carrie Hughes watches, check them out before you buy your next Carrie Hughes watch.

Carrie Hughes Vintage Mechanical Pocket Watch

This exquisite analog vintage Baroque luminous dial designed Carrie Hughes has a Celtic look. Arab numerals in a skeleton-design with a clear glass back let you peek into the mysteries of the mechanical intricacies that enable the functions of this pocket watch. A fashionable statement with a nostalgic touch, it needs to be hand wound. So, no batteries are required for this watch.

Another thing you should know about is the beautiful packaging it comes in. An operating manual is also provided with each purchase. Also, be careful as magnetic fields, high temperature, and physical impacts can affect this watch’s accuracy. To ensure accurate time, daily manual winding and adjustment are recommended.

Carrie Hughes Vintage Steampunk Open Face Skeleton Mechanical Pocket watch with Chain

Carrie Hughes Men's Vintage Gold All Copper Open Face Steampunk Skeleton Mechanical Pocket Watch with Chain Best Gifts (CH212G)

This copper and alloy analog stainless-steel Carrie Hughes pocket watch exudes elegance. It has an open face, ensuring that reading the time is easy for you. Its beautiful glass back lets you appreciate the intricacies of its mechanical movements. It does not require batteries and has a mechanical hand-wound mechanism. Usually, around 10 hand winding motions are enough to make this watch running for at least 24 hours. Its stylish design goes well with any (formal) fashionable statement while offering a slight nostalgic touch.

The package contains an alloy chain as well as an operating manual. It is recommended you keep it away from high temperatures and magnetic files. Also remember to wind it daily to keep the time display accurate.

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Carrie Hughes Men Gold Automatic Watch Date Self-Wind Mechanical Stainless-Steel Waterproof Watch

This is an automatic self-winding Carrie Hughes analog watch, with an alloy stainless steel case for durability. The glass back cover adds to this watch’s elegance and allows you to glance at the timepiece. The band is made of rubber and features a buckle-clasp type for comfortable wear.

This watch is also water-resistant and thus can tolerate light sprays, sweat, and even light rain. The rose gold case design with a silver dial instantly catches the eye.

In case you’re not familiar with the Carrie Hughes brand this watch comes with an operating manual. As with all watches, you should keep it away from strong magnetic fields, high temperatures, and avoid powerful impact can affect this watch’s accuracy. Remember to wind it up daily so it functions properly.

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Carrie Hughes Men’s Black Golden Silver Golden DAD Grandpa Quartz Pocket Watch with Chain

This Carrie Hughes series has been dedicated to “dads and grand-dads.” It comes with an analog display and a quartz movement that’s very precise. Made from stainless-steel alloy, this watch is a masterpiece of artistry. However, it is not water resistant, so be careful when having it near liquids.

Also, while this watch doesn’t have a calendar to display, the conventional “dad” design makes it a perfect gift for your dad or grandfather. It strikes the ideal balance between traditional and currently-relevant elegance. It comes packaged in a blue gift box that also contains an operating manual as well as a chain.

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Carrie Hughes Men’s Steampunk Automatic Watches Bronze Skeleton Mechanical Leather Waterproof Watch

Coming to the final item on our list, this elegant Carrie Hughes watch has an analog display with an automatic self-winding mechanism. It has a unique Steam Punk appearance with a skeleton design. This watch features mineral glass and also has a luminous pointer which brightens as the day grows darker. The stainless-steel body with a leather strap and a glass back gives it a classic vintage look. It is water resistant to 10M and can withstand sweat, light rain, and aqueous sprays.

This exquisite piece comes packaged in a blue gift box along with an operating manual. Again, keep it away from any strong magnetic fields and high temperatures to avoid messing the displayed time.

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Each Carrie Hughes watch is an all-time classic. The mesmerizing designs, durability, and uniqueness (mixing vintage with a modern touch) make each watch a must-buy.

An assortment of styles with versatile mechanisms along with premium quality parts allows you to select from a vast range to find the masterpiece that works for you.


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