Best Tricycle For 3 Year Old Kids


Tricycles are a great segue for children who will eventually be learning how to ride a bicycle. They allow kids to strengthen their leg muscles, work on coordination and fine tune motor skills.

Trikes are great for taking along on walks for the little ones to explore with. I have taken it upon myself to review some of what I consider to be the best tricycle for 3 year old out there. Take a look.

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Review Of Best Tricycle For 3 Year Old

Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Tough Trike

Authentic Design

My kid has always wanted a motorcycle like his dad has, and this is the next best thing. The Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson looks like it was modeled after a real Harley-Davidson with its various stickers and graphics and my son is always showing it off, saying it looks better than his father’s.

Large Foot Pedals

The Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Trike was clearly designed with younger children in mind. It has large foot pedals that my child can easily access, making it perhaps the best tricycle for 3 year old in regards to ease of use. It really works his leg muscles and it is an easy way to help develop his motor skills, too, so I encourage him to play on it a lot.

Strong Tires

The tires on the Fisher-Price are rather tough and strong. He takes it up and down our dirt and gravel, rugged driveway often and I’ve never worried about them popping. The wheelbase is stable, too, making me feel confident in his safety.

Easy to Hold Onto

On top of having great wheels, the Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Tough Trike’s handlebars have been designed for easy gripping so he won’t slip off of it.

Storage Compartment

Finally, on the bottom underneath the seat there is a “secret” storage compartment that he loves. The Harley-Davidson Tough Trike lets him take along his toys, snacks, sunglasses and anything else he can fit inside of it, and he loves it.


  • Big foot pedals
  • Convenient storage compartment
  • Easy-grip handlebars
  • Harley-Davidson inspired design
  • Large, durable tires


  • Size. Some kids might be a bit short for the bike. It really all depends on the height of your child. Mine fits perfectly and he is about 3 feet tall.
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Radio Flyer Classic Red Dual Deck Tricycle Ride On

Ultra Strong Construction

The most important thing for me when considering a new toy for my son is his safety. The Radio Flyer Classic is made up of steel first and foremost do I don’t have to worry about it collapsing or bending. It has spoked wheels and durable rubber tires that can handle most terrain with ease.

Easy to Mount and Dismount

The Radio Flyer Classic comes with a double-deck step on the back of it which makes it simple for my son to climb onto and off of the bike, keeping his balance the whole time.

Adjustable Seat

I know I am going to get a long life out of the Radio Flyer thanks to the fact that it has an adjustable seat. I can shift it as he grows so that he doesn’t have to stop playing with his favorite toy for a long time to come.

Will Not Tip

Clearly built with children’s safety in mind, the Radio Flyer has a controlled turning radius that only lets him go so far on his turns. This stops sharp turns in one direction or the other so that he doesn’t ever have to worry about tipping the trike over.

Cute, Classic Style

I love that the Radio Flyer looks like some of the trikes I rode as a kid. It’s nostalgic to see my son using it. It has chrome handlebars complete with streamers and a chrome bell that rings, which absolutely delights him and definitely adds to the fun. This is the best tricycle for 3 year old in terms of style!


  • Adjustable seat that changes as he does
  • Classically styled
  • Double-deck step for easy access to the seat
  • Ultra durable composition
  • Won’t tip thanks to its controlled turning radius design


  • Assembly. This trike took me a little more time than usual to put together. I will admit I skipped over some of the instructions, though, and had I paid more attention to them or requested the assistance of my spouse, it would have gone a bit more swiftly!
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Radio Flyer Rider Trike Ride On

Fully Adjustable Seat

Getting the most out of my purchases is important to me, so I love that the Radio Flyer Rider Trike Ride On has an adjustable seat. The packaging says it is great for children between the ages of 2.5 years and 5, and after playing with the seat, I have confidence that my child will enjoy it for years to come.

Durable Composition

Another important thing to me is their safety, of course. The Radio Flyer Rider is made up of durable steel that gives me peace of mind knowing it won’t buckle beneath the weight as my child ages and grows. It also doesn’t wobble at all when they ride on it, giving them a balanced ride every time.

Convenient Storage Compartment

My child loves toting his toys everywhere he go, so the storage unit on the back of the Radio Flyer Rider is great. He can take along toys, sunglasses, snacks and any other small item that fits inside!

Quiet, Comfortable Ride

I feel like these wheels have been specially designed to be quiet as they don’t make that obnoxious scraping sound over pavement or gravel like some other trikes do. The Radio Flyer Rider also has comfortable handlebars that ensure their little hands won’t slip off of them in transit.

Easy to Travel with

The Radio Flyer Rider Trike Ride On has an easy-to-carry handle on its seat. This lets me tote it easily to and from the park, or take it along with us when we go to birthday parties or family reunions. I can take it just about anywhere, and this is definitely the best tricycle for 3 year old in terms of portability.


  • Easy grip handlebars
  • Easy to carry around with the included handle
  • Extra strong construction
  • Quiet-ride wheels
  • Storage unit on the back of the bike
  • Totally adjustable seat


  • Accessories. The Radio Flyer Rider doesn’t come with any sort of bells or whistles like streamers or literal bells, but that’s okay. The storage compartment in the back of the trike really takes the cake for my child, so he hasn’t even bothered wondering where the bell is.
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Joovy Tricycoo Tricycle

Versatile Age Range

The Joovy Tricycoo Tricycle can be used by children ranging from 18 months and weighing up to 44 pounds. This lets me know that I will get plenty of use out of it as my child grows, making this a great investment

Ultimate Stability

This trike comes with a foldable footrest as well as removable baby surround arms that are great for securing my younger nieces and nephews when they want a turn. The Joovy Tricycoo Tricycle can really be played with by most of the kids in my family.

Included Push Handle

One of the things I love about the Joovy Tricycoo Tricycle is that I can push my child around when they get tired while in the park. This push handle is also adjustable, ranging from a height of 32.5 inches to 38 inches so that I have a comfortable reach.

Quiet and Strong Wheels

The wheels on the Joovy Tricycoo Tricycle are super durable. They are injection molded and have urethane treads that can roll easily and quietly on floors, concrete and even gravel roads for the most part.

Great for Training

Alongside the push handle, the Joovy Tricycoo Tricycle features the ability to lock the pedals or unlock them, depending on our needs.

This makes it so I can push my child while he pedals to learn the movements that will eventually allow them to pedal on their own. When I lock the pedals, my child can turn the wheel himself safely, too.


  • Adjustable parent push stick
  • Pedal lock mechanism
  • Perfect for bicycle training
  • Quiet wheels
  • Reinforced wheels
  • Suitable for younger children


  • Price. The Joovy Tricycoo Tricycle comes at a bit of a heftier price point than some other trikes, but with its many features and training capabilities, I find that it is worth every penny! I can’t put a price on my child’s happiness.
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Roadmaster Duo Deck 10-Inch Trike

Durable Frame

Ensuring that there will be no wobbling on the rides or dents due to weight, the Roadmaster Duo Deck Trike is made from an ultra-solid and sturdy steel frame. The 10-inch rubber front wheel is also exceptionally strong and leads my child over most terrain. It is for this reason that I also have faith it will last for quite some time.

Versatile Seat Height

The Roadmaster Duo Deck Trike also furthers its longevity by employing an adjustable seat that grows and changes as my child does for long time use. After all, if they aren’t comfortable, they won’t want to use the toy you’ve invested in.

Resists Rust

The 10-inch rubber front wheel of the Roadmaster is rust resistant, which is wonderful because we like to leave it outside most of the time.

We store it under our car park, but sometimes when it rains, moisture does get blown underneath the canopy.

Luckily I never have to worry about it rusting thanks to its powder coat finish! This is certainly the best tricycle for 3 year old in terms of resiliency.

Easy-Grip Handles

The handles on the Roadmaster are made from silver chrome and have been tipped with rubberized, red grips. These help my child hold on tightly to the bars and not fear that his hands might slip off at some point.

Double Deck on the Back of the Trike

There is a double deck on the rear of the Roadmaster that I love. Not only does it help my child get on and off of the bike with ease, it has the capability of holding an additional passenger.


  • Adjustable seat
  • Double deck step on the rear
  • Easy to grab handles
  • Rust-proof promise
  • Steel construction


  • Assembly. There have been some reports that stated that the parents had issues assembling the trike, but I experienced no such thing. My advice to you is to just follow the instructions step by step like I did for a seamless process!
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Final Recommendation

I chose the Radio Flyer Classic Red Dual Deck Tricycle as my top choice—and not just for sake of nostalgia. It is ultra strong and has streamers and bells that my child cannot get enough of. It is also tip proof and simple for my child to climb on and off of. Overall the best, most fun and durable value for the money!


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