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Most of us spend large amounts of time commuting to and from work, with little to occupy us but the sound of our stereo systems and the sound of the tires on the road. The problem is that much of the time external noises such as tire crunch, engine hum and howling wind reduces the clarity of the car sound systems, and this problem is exacerbated by vibrations in the steel panels that comprise the vehicle.

In vehicles, the speakers are usually mounted into steel cavities in the door panels. Steel is one of the worst materials you could use as a speaker mount. Speaker vibrations are often the main source of annoying noise.

Deadening mats in the door panels can go a long way to reducing the vibration. The mats work by absorbing the sound which causes vibration, dampening outside noise and eliminating resonance from the speakers.

There are two ways to reduce noise in a car, absorption of sound waves and resonance reduction. The cabin cavity of a vehicle will amplify sound much as a guitar box does. Sound dampeners add mass to the panels and this alters the vibration characteristics of the vehicle.

Dampening materials absorb noise and reduce vibrations and resonance. Whilst sprays, foams and insulation are all variants of materials that you can use to dampen the noise in a vehicle, dampening mats are simple to install and effective in reducing noise.

Best Sound Deadening Mats for Cars Comparison and Review

In this article we review and compare some of the best soundproofing for car road noise, we answer some frequently asked questions about quieting road noises in cars, how to soundproof a car from road noise and we review some of the best brands in the sound dampening business

Dynamat Thick Self-Adhesive Sound Deadener with Xtreme Door Kit

Dynamat 10435 12" x 36Dynamat is a sound deadening foam shield that can be purchased in kit form. Choose the kit that matches the vehicle panels that you plan to insulate. This kit includes four 12”X 36” strips which is sufficient to effectively insulate two doors.

Dynamat is an excellent brand, a well-made and highly effective sound deadening material. Banish the hum of tires, the rumble of the engine and the whine of the wind from the cabin of your vehicle. Enjoy your stereo sound like never before. Apply Dynamat to the reverberant panels in your car and you will be delighted in the difference that this will make to the clarity of sound from your onboard sound system.

Dynamat is more expensive than most other products on the market, but it produces good results even when the vehicle panel is only partially covered.

The manufacturers recommend at least thirty percent coverage of the panel with Dynamat Xtreme for effective sound reduction.  The greater the area covered the better the sound deadening effect. At seventy miles per hour, a typical car makes around 85 decibels of noise. This means that there are only twenty decibels left for the stereo sound. The correct application of Dynamat can restore up to twelve decibels of sound.

Dynamat Xtreme is four times more effective than the original product and yet it is lighter and easier to work with. It is not as malleable as some of the competing products and it is heavy and dense, making it more difficult to cut and apply. Remember though, that dense and heavy materials tend to have better sound deadening qualities.

This product can be affixed to the roof panels, sides and other contoured areas of the vehicle with the self-adhesive backing. It adheres without heat. The material is equipped with thermal insulation. The aluminum backing allows for application to areas such as firewalls and floors so you can keep the cabin of your car cooler, saving on the costs of air conditioning.

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Noico car sound deadening material

Noico RED 150 mil 36 sqft Сar Sound Insulation, Heat and Cool Liner, Self-Adhesive Closed Cell Deadening Material (PE Foam Sound Deadener)This product is a butyl composite composed of materials mixed in proportions that create the most effective sound deadener. Backed by 6.5mm aluminum foil, the Noico sound deadener product is strong and durable and is thermally insulated.

Butyl is an affordable material with good sound deadening qualities. Correctly applied to the vibrating panels of your car the product will improve the quality of your stereo sound system as it absorbs resonance.  Noico is easy to cut and to install and it fits comfortably into the contours of the panels.

Noico automotive insulation is inexpensive, very effective and has no odor. It rolls out easily and the adhesive backing sticks well. The aluminum on the back of the tape is embossed and is an indicator of whether the tape has been properly installed. If all embossing has been smoothed out you can rest assured that it will adhere to the panel.

​The material comes in handy cut sizes for easier handling and installation. The box of nine sheets will cover thirty-six square feet of motor vehicle. The dense material 0.7 pounds per square foot is 80mm thick, offering superior sound deadening qualities, able to eliminate panel vibrations and annoying external noise.

As with all sound deadening materials, proper installation is as important as the efficacy of the material used. Incorrect application of the material can result in metal corrosion. Find out how to apply Noico sound deadening material with this instructional video.

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FatMat Self-Adhesive MegaMat Sound Deadener Pack

FatMat Self-Adhesive Black Butyl MegaMat Sound Deadener Pack with Install Kit - 10 Sq Ft x 70 mil Thick

This large roll of self-adhesive butyl tape comes with simple installation instructions, a roller, a knife and a FatMat Sound Control decal. The butyl rubber compound has been patented. The non-vibration compound membrane absorbs and reduces vibration. This sound deadening material is ideal for acoustic installations in motor vehicles, boats or in homes.

​This product effectively reduces sound distortion increasing audio quality. It has a protective reinforced aluminum face laminated onto the butyl compound, and a 1mm pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive, which is strong and effective. It will conform and adhere easily to contoured surfaces. This product reduces vibrations, road noise and engine noise. If properly applied you will gain as much as much as three decibels of sound, the same effect as doubling amplification.

The material is very sticky so make sure that you place it where it is required as it is can be very difficult to remove. We suggest that you do not remove all the backing paper at once. It is much easier to pull back a corner and then remove the backing paper as you apply it.

​This sound deadening mat is easy to cut apply, and has very little smell. The product is reasonably priced and is effective in use. No heating guns or other tools are required for the installation. Fatmat products come in various kits to fit the installation.

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HushMat Floor Kit with Damping Pad

HushMat 10200 Ultra Black Foil Door Kit with Damping Pad - 10 Piece

This two in one product provides both noise deadening properties and thermal insulation. This black foil starter kit is intended to reduce vibration inside the vehicle as well as dampen the external noise of tires on the road and the hum of the engine. At the same time, it will reduce the amount of heat entering the vehicle by as much as forty percent even in extreme temperatures.

​HushMat is very easy to install and will adhere without any surface preparation. Adhesion is guaranteed. The deadening mat is made from a high-density composite and is covered by a flexible aluminum foil which is simple to work with. The product is easy to use, cut, peel and stick. It also easily fits around contours and into tight areas.

This is a high-end product, though not the cheapest car noise reduction mat it does a great job of deadening external noises in cars. It is one of the top-rated deadening materials on the market and one of the easiest to install. All you need is a pair of scissors.

​In addition, it is the only OEM approved product of its kind in the automotive spares market. Made from a high-density composite that is very effective in reducing sound. The product is 100% manufactured in the USA.

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B-Quiet Ultimate The Best Viscoelastic Sound Deadener 

B-Quiet Ultimate The Best Viscoelastic Sound Deadener 50 Sq. Ft.

This product combines a visco elastic deadener with a super strong butyl based adhesive. It has a co-laminated aluminum constraining sheet. The suspended mineral particles in the material help to convert vibration to thermal energy. The material is very flexible so it readily sticks to contoured panels. This high-density material is available in two different size rolls.

It is heat resistant so it can be installed anywhere in the vehicle including under the hood. The material is designed to reduce vibration inside the vehicle as well as preventing noise ingress from the outside.

B-Quiet Ultimate The Best Viscoelastic Sound Deadener 50 Sq. Ft.

The tape has a thin backing paper making it easy to handle and work with. it sticks really well and no heat gun is required. The Viscoelastic Sound Deadener is a cheap sound deadening material and is good value for money. The metal backing is strong and durable.

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Quieting Car Road Noise FAQ

How do sound dampening mats work?

Most sound dampening mats are made from butyl compounds or from asphalt panels and they usually have an adhesive backing. They work by lowering the frequency of the resonance or by changing vibration to thermal energy. They are best for tackling low-frequency noise.

The cabin of a vehicle acts like an echo chamber. Adding mass to a panel reduces the likelihood of vibration as the resonance frequency is changed. It can also absorb vibrations converting them to heat. It is not necessary to cover the entire panel for effective sound absorption. Around thirty percent coverage is usually sufficient.

The mats make the vehicle panels heavier which helps to reduce vibration. Damping mats between the inner and outer door panels help to reduce vibrations, particularly when the stereo speakers are mounted in the doors. In the engine compartment dampening mats will help to reduce rattles. The mats typically have a metal backing so that they are heat resistant.

P.S: Asphalt mats can melt in the summer heat and cause a bad smell in your vehicle which could make you ill so we advice you not stay away from buying them.

Most sound dampening mats are made from butyl compounds or from asphalt panels and they usually have an adhesive backing. They work by lowering the frequency of the resonance or by changing vibration to thermal energy. They are best for tackling low-frequency noise.

How to apply sound deadening materials to your vehicle

Ensure that you have a razor knife. This is the best tool for cutting dampening materials especially those with an aluminum backing sheet. A roller will help to push the air bubbles out from under the mat ensuring better adhesion. A narrow roller assists in ensuring the material fits into and adheres to the contours in the car body. If you are applying asphalt type deadening material you may require a heat gun for adhesion.

You will also require a de-greaser, a marking pen, a cloth and gloves

  • Remove the trim. Check the Internet for instructions on how to dismantle the trim from your vehicle. Take care not to break any of the clips or trims
  • When installing insulation to the floors ensure that the floor mats are lifted.
  • Remove any original noise deadening materials
  • Clean the area where you plan to stick the mat. Ensure that all dust and oil are removed or the mat will not adhere properly. Use a solvent to ensure that all oil residues are removed. If it does not adhere properly it will not absorb sound effectively and in the door panel it could leave residues on the windows
  • Use smaller rather than larger strips of mat especially on contoured areas as smaller pieces are easier to apply smoothly. Use a roller to ensure proper adhesion. If it doesn’t stick it won’t absorb energy. You can deal with harder to reach areas by using a liquid foam.
  • In colder weather, you may need to make use of a heat gun

The installation process is as important as the quality of the material and incorrect installation may lead to undesirable outcomes.

Where to apply sound deadening material

The level of sound deadening that you achieve in your vehicle will depend very much on where you place the sound deadening material. Placing sound deadening material under the floor mats under the front seats of a car will absorb the sound of the tires so that the noise does not enter the cabin.

Much of the noise of the back wheels come in through the trunk. This is especially so if you have a large flat trunk.  Applying a layer of sound deadening foam into the trunk of the car will deaden the sound of the back tires.

For really noisy cars or where the heat reflecting from the floor of the car bothers you, you may want to try installing reflective automotive insulation which will reduce the heat but quite surprisingly will also reduce the level of noise.

If you are still not happy place insulating foam under mats in front of the back seats of the car. You can also apply deadening foam to the door panels but this takes a fair amount of work as the door panels have to be removed before the foam can be installed.

The most important part of successful sound deadening project is that the entire surface is covered. If you fail to cover the entire surface you will not effectively exclude the sound from the cabin. The installation will take little over an hour and is simple, no professional input required. Most products come with adhesive and so there is no need to mess with glue.Some people go as far as removing the dashboard to get to the firewall of the vehicle.

Installation of noise deadening material under the hood or on the firewall should always have heat-resistant aluminum backing

For detailed information on how to install sound deadening material, look no further than this site.

Top car soundproofing brands


Dynamat produces and distributes high-quality acoustics solutions. Located in Ohio USA, Dynamat was established in 1989. It sells acoustics solutions to a number of industries. It is recognized for its innovative solutions to sound and vibration problems and is an industry leader in car audio and acoustics solutions.

Dynamat also supplies products for the home, the appliance industry and OEM’s. The products are exported to fifty countries around the world.


FatMat Sound Control specializes in the manufacture of sound dampening products. They are the largest supplier of sound dampening materials on the Internet and they sell their product to several countries around the world.

They are also suppliers to the automotive industry as well as several other industries. Fatmat car noise reduction mats are usually ranked as one of the best dynamat alternative.


Hushmat manufactures and sells sound deadening and thermal insulation products for vehicles. The company specializes in the reduction of ambient noise to improve audio clarity. For over a quarter of a century, they have been providing solutions to automobile manufacturers, appliance manufacturers, recreation and marine industries.

HushMat is the only company that manufactures sound deadening materials approved for use by all automobile manufacturers in the USA. It is the fastest growing noise deadening and thermal insulation company in the world.


Operating in the sound dampening business for the last fifteen years, B-Quiet is one of the pioneers of vehicle sound deadening. The company makes absorbers, dampeners and composites. The dampener. uses mass loading to reduce resonance and change vibration into low-level heat. The absorbers are made from closed cell rubber which absorbs sound, slowing its progress and thus reducing noise. The composite is a combination of absorption and dampening materials


Produced by the largest manufacturer of automotive components in Europe. This high-quality product is available at an excellent price. This is a very cost-effective and efficient product for the reduction of noise and vibration. Noico also supplies thermal insulating materials.

Get rid of annoying background noise and enjoy the renewed clarity of sound with the best Noise reduction mat for cars

Why battle with background noise, when there is simple and effective sound dampening systems available at little expense? A properly installed sound dampening system will reduce the noise of your vehicle, giving it the heft and insulation of a luxury motor vehicle.

Remove the vibration from your resonating panels and feel the bass of the music without the annoying hum and buzz. Enjoy clarity of sound on your daily commute and arrive at the office or at home feeling relaxed and refreshed.


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