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My Wife and I had been searching for the best roof rake. The snow here just gets awful, and we constantly have to replace our roof rake for a new one. They just never seem to hold up. Some aren’t long enough. Others are too flimsy or easily break. Worst are the ones that take years and years of practice building skills just to put together. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stared at something meant to be a roof rake, and couldn’t imagine how it could be one.

I should also mention that I an injured elbow. I’ve never been good at the exterior maintenance of the house, and don’t have the strength to remove all the snow from the roof. It was extremely important to me and her that we found a roof rake that would make our lives easier. The best roof rake was our goal and that was that.

So, we did a little digging, and fortunately, we found three different roof rakes to test out. We had our ups and downs with them, but we felt it best to share them with you.

Best Roof Rake 2019

Garant GPRR24U Yukon

The first roof rake we started with was the Garant GPRR24U Yukon Roof Rake. Of course, since it was our first trial, my husband and I were skeptical. Online, the rake had great qualities listed in its description. We were pretty much sold when we saw how sturdy it seemed. We didn’t want to purchase another roof rake that would just break on us.

Garant GPRR24U has a 24-inch blade and a long reach. It was also very easy to extend. On top of that, putting it together was no problem! I didn’t have to hack into my problem-solving skills for a single moment. I was very happy with the fact that it didn’t damage any of the roof’s shingles, and it helped prevent any ice dams from forming. We’ve also been pretty worried about eave damage, and this thing helped us alleviate the weight of the snow on our roof. We were pretty impressed, but we still had two more rakes coming in the mail. We didn’t want to be sold on one until we had tested all three.

 My Favorite Feature

The Polyethylene blade which won’t cause any damage to your roof

My Least Favorite Feature

Due to the sharpness of the blade, the Garelick truly isn’t meant for any other surface other than your roof. Trying it on outdoor equipment or furniture may result in tearing.

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Snow Joe RJ204M 21′

The next roof rake we ordered was the Snow Joe RJ204M 21′ Twist-n-Lock Telescoping Snow Shovel Roof Rake. We had high hopes for it. When we got it, we sat it right next to the Garelick for a physical comparison. It was obvious the Snow Joe had a slightly larger blade at 25 inches. The overall design of the rake seemed on the flimsier side, but I appreciated its lightweight. Much like the Garelick, the Snow Joe had an easy assembly. However, its poly blade didn’t do as great as a job of keeping the shingles unharmed. It was still far better than other roof rakes we had tried, but we weren’t sure it was the best.

Halfway through the roof raking, I handed it down to my wife and asked her to get me the Garelick. Snow Joe was good, but not good enough. It had the lowest price of the three roof rakes, and we could see why. It simply wasn’t up-to-par. It might have been a great rake for someone that doesn’t deal with a whole lot of snow. I can see the Snow Joe working exceptionally well for thinner layers of snow on the roof.

 My Favorite Feature

  • Twist and lock assembly for easy extension

My Least Favorite Feature

Due to its light weight and poly blade, the Snow Joe can only handle 1 inch of snow at a time. Any larger amounts cause the straps on the blade to break.

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The Suncast SRR2100

Then, we tried out the last roof rake we ordered, which was the Suncast SRR2100. The blade was the same size as the Garelick at 24 inches. I was most excited about the rake’s push-button feature. It enabled telescoping capability. I’m not kidding when I say he was giddy when the package arrived. He cut open the box, took a few moments to assemble the rake, and went outside.

I was struggling to keep the rake steady. It had great grip, but it was pretty long. With my injured elbow, I had always had trouble maneuvering things. I hated when his injury got in the way of things. It was important to me to have the ability to do whatever I wanted. There’s enough technology these days to keep him from feeling inferior.

However, the Suncast SRR2100 was really agitating me. My wife knew when I looked down at her from the ladder, it wasn’t “the one” as he expected. Later, I told her that it was a great rake, just not the one for me. We realized what would be the perfect rake for us may not be the perfect rake for others.

My Favorite Feature

  • The overall adjustability of the push button feature gave my husband and I a variety of lengths to work with.

 My Least Favorite Feature

We found that it worked best on freshly powdered snow and had a tough time removing snow that was more compact and sat overnight. The overall durability wasn’t what we were hoping for.

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Top Recommendation

So, which one was it? We lined up all three roof rakes next to each other and found they all had their perks, but we found our gazes drifting back toward the Garant GPRR24U. With the Snow Joe and the Suncast, we kept having to say “but”. However, with the Garant, we couldn’t find a reason not to like it. It had the least strain on my elbow. I was happy to see I wasn’t struggling. It was the most effective roof rake for the job too.

We couldn’t have asked for a better roof rake, and on top of that, we no longer have to worry about purchasing another one until ole GPRR24U needs to be replaced. Honestly, we’ll probably just end up buying a second! The Garant GPRR24U was the top roof rake by far.

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