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It’s important that when you purchase a gun, you’re also going to purchase the proper means of storage. Without, you may run the risk of having someone get into your guns that you don’t want to – like a child or a burglar, which would be potentially devastating if not caught early enough.

When you protect yourself immediately by investing in the best gun safe under 1000, you can ensure that your household remains safe. Let’s take a gander at some tips for purchasing the best gun safe under $1000.

Review Of The Best Gun Safe Under $1000

SecureIt Tactical Model 52 Gun Cabinet, Patented CradleGrid Technology

First on our list is a gun cabinet from the reliable Secureit. This product boasts a number of features that includes:

  • 52-inches in height, 15-inches in depth, and 20-inches in width
  • 6 rifle capacity, room for handguns and gear/ammo
  • Touch pad with an electronic lock
  • Includes rifle cradles and stock bases

If you want something that has room for 6 larger rifles, as well as handguns and accessories, then you’ll want to check out this gun cabinet. Featuring a touch paid with an electronic lock, this cabinet also has rifle cradles and stock bases.

Maybe you’re looking for something that doesn’t require too many instructions when assembling – if this is the case, you’re definitely in the market for the SecureIt Tactical Model 52 Gun Cabinet.

Who’s This Product Aimed Towards?

If you’re someone that has quite a hefty kit of long guns and ammunition, and also want somewhere safe (and close) to keep your handguns, you’ll definitely want to check out this SecureIt product. With the types of “shelving” used inside, you’ll be able to store safely with the possibility of being able to grab a gun when you can & quick.

You’re able to have 2 firearms per base, meaning that you’re able to store up to 6 longer guns without the usage of tools.

Want something effective that you don’t need a ton of tools to put together or use? This product is definitely your forte.

Composed of heavy duty steel construction for those that live in a rougher household, you’ll be able to assemble and use this with ease.

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Stack-On 14 Gun Fire Resistant Gun Safe

Next on our list is a product from Stack-On. Capable of holding up to 14 guns and being fire resistant, there’s not much that potential customers wouldn’t like. Features of the Stack-On gun safe include:

  • Fully carpeted interior
  • Four adjustable shelving units
  • Fully convertible interior for holding up to 14 guns or 7 guns with ample storage
  • You can also use this for all storage purposes with no guns, either
  • 3 large, live-action locking bolts
  • 2 solid steel dead bolts

If you’re looking for something that provides up to 5 locking points for your valuables or your guns, you’ll definitely want to invest in this fire-resistant safe. Maybe you want to store away documentation and want to make sure that no one is able to get to but you and whoever has your combination.

There are 3 large live-action locking bolts, along with 2 solid steel dead bolts for a whopping combination of the 5 locking points we’ve mentioned. You won’t have to worry about drill attacks either, as this product is resistant to that, as well. No fire, no drills, no burglars are able to get in.

Who’s This Product Aimed Towards?

If you’re someone who has an incredible number of documents or you have a variety of documents and firearms to store within the same area, you no longer have to place them in separate storage options.

You can play them both on this unit and have an incredible amount of locking mechanisms keeping your items safe. If you don’t want your guns to get scratched, you’re able to take advantage of this fully carpeted fire resistant gun safe.

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Stealth Defense Vault DV652 Under Bed Gun Safe + Free 52” Dean Safe Rifle Sock

Next on our list is a product from the Stealth Safe Company that aims to provide secretive storage of minimal firearms. Features of this gun safe include:

  • Under bed storage option
  • 14 gauge steel with five point slide locking bar
  • ESL5 electronic lock
  • Backlight for nighttime usage
  • Approved by the California Department of Justice

Looking for something super safe and convenient for the one gun you own? Maybe you own one rifle and a small handgun – if this is the case, this gun safe if perfect for your under bed area.

Approved by the California Department of Justice as a reliable way to store your guns safely and efficiently, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of a ffive-pointslide locking bar that will disable burglars from getting in while allowing you to open quickly in a time of need.

Who’s This Product Aimed Towards?

Are you someone that wants to be super secretive as to where you hide your documents and/or your firearm? If so, then you’ll want to check out this stealthy gun safe that’s meant for sliding underneath your bed. Noted as shotgun safe, you can fit one shotgun and a small firearm comfortably within this gun safe.

If you’re also someone who enjoyed board certified devices, then you’ll be able to know that this safe is approved by the Californian Department of Justice for firearm safety. If you’re a fan of free stuff, you’ll love the dean safe rifle sock that this product comes with upon ordering

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Stack-on GCDG-9216 16-Gun Convertible Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet

Next on our list is a product from Stack-On, and is a bold security cabinet for a ton of guns. Features include:

  • Capable of storing more than 15 guns at once
  • Guns can be up to 54-inches in height
  • Convertible with 4 padded steel shelves for storing cameras, guns, jewelry, ammo, etc.
  • 3-point locking system; key coded, double-bitted
  • Reinforced steel door

If you have a ton of guns, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of more than 15 guns in one area, along with documents, jewelry, and more. You can store guns up to 54-inches in height, and there are foam padded shelves (four to be exact) where you can store these items.

There’s a reinforced steel door and a 3 point locking system that features two types of locking mechanisms: a double-bitted lock and a key coded locking mechanism.

Who’s This Product Aimed Towards?

Whether you have a ton of guns or ammo to store or you’re someone that has a variety of valuable and sentimental items to store away, this security cabinet can do more than you expect. Because it’s convertible, you can add enough space to have a capacity of 31 gnus 0 incredible, right?

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BigHorn 19ECB Gun Safe, Thicker Ste + Extra Fire Lining

Want more security and protection all at once? Check out this Big Horn gun cabinet. Features include:

  • 30 minutes of fire protection
  • 59-inches in height, 28-inches in width, 20” in diameter
  • electronic lock
  • Extra fire lining
  • Heavier than others

If you’re in the market for something heavy that a burglar can’t pick up and steal, you’ll want to invest in this Big Horn, that has extra protection against fire, and features an electronic lock on the vintage design. The measurements aren’t too shabby, either.

Who’s This Product Aimed Towards?

This gun safe is great for those who want a durable cabinet that has a vintage vibe with modern locking mechanisms. Beyond this, there are 30 minutes of fire protection for those that want to also store important documents for protection purposes.

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Guns Home Defense Stack On 22 Gun Safe w/ Combination Lock 

This sleek matte black cabinet has quite a few features that include:

  • 2-way locking system, 1-inch steel live action bolt
  • Can store up to 22 firearms
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes

If you want something that’s super adjustable and capable of holding upwards of 22 firearms, you’ll want to check out this home defence gun safe with a combination lock.

Featuring pre-drilled holes so you can mount to the floor and eliminate burglars from stealing the entire thing, you’ll also be able to enjoy the five-point locking system.

Who’s This Product Aimed Towards?

If you want something sleek to store a ton of your guns, look no further. Maybe you’re willing to splurge a bit to be able to store a lot more than your average gun safe. Whether it’s a document, jewelry, money/bonds, or strictly guns and ammo, you’ll be able to store it all in this cabinet.

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Stack On W-24-BH-E-S Woodland 22-24 Gun Safe

Want to store up to 24 guns with ease while enjoying a vintage design? Features of this gun safe include:

  • Drill resistant
  • Backlit electronic lock
  • 2-way locking w/ 1.5-inch live action locking bolts
  • Fire resistant up to 30 minutes at 1400 Fahrenheit
  • Includes 5 shelves

Want to make sure that no one is going to steal this from you? You’ll be happy to know that this gun safe is drill resistant and features an electronic lock that shows incorrect entries. With 5 shelving units and a 2-way locking system, this is virtually the perfect gun safe.

Who’s This Product Aimed Towards?

Those who want a safe place to store their items no matter the situation will want to invest in this gun safe. Gun enthusiasts that want precision organization can store upwards of 24 guns within this gun safe.

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BlueDot Safes Second Amendment Fire-Resistant Gun Safe

Last on our list is a gun safe that’s resistant to fire and has attractive measurements. Features include:

  • 12GA steel for fire resistance
  • Factory certified for fire protection
  • Exceeds department of justice specifications
  • Weight is 879 pounds

This gun safe is fire resistant for up to 30 minutes at 1700 degrees Fahrenheit, while being resistant to drilling, as well. Featuring a 1-year warranty, a two-way locking system, and 11 live bolts, you don’t have to worry about anyone breaking in anytime soon.

Who’s This Product Aimed Towards?

If you want something heavy for your commercial business or a lower level of your house, this 879-pound gun safe will do the trick. There won’t be any burglars picking this up anytime soon and the 11 live bolts + drill resistance and fire resistance mean you’re getting your money’s worth.

Those that work at a gun shop and want to store their own can use this with ease.

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The Final Verdict

Now that we’ve bombarded you with a ton of information and promising products, well help you narrow down your selection by recommended the Secureit Tactical Model 52 Gun Cabinet that’s capable of holding up to 6 rifles. Using patented CradleGrid technology, you’ll be able to safely store your guns with ease and without worrying about a difficult setup.

Tips for Choosing the Best Gun Safe Under $1000

Before anything, you should make sure you know the general sizes of your guns – the more precise, the better, as you’ll be able to find a gun safe where you can store as precisely and as organized as possible.

Without knowing the sizes of your guns, you won’t know what size gun safe to look for and may buy something that’s too small.

Next, you’ll want to see how many guns you want to store along with the size aspect we mentioned above.

You can’t just throw guns in a gun safe without organizing them or fit them to the size that’s required, or else you’re improperly and irresponsibly storing. Doing so can result in way more harm than good.

Each gun safe has a maximum gun capacity. If you only have three guns and aren’t investing in anymore, it’s not really smart to go and buy something that has places for 6 guns – at that point, it’s wasted space. Speaking of space, you’ll want to note where you’re going to be putting the gun safe, as some are mountable or simple can squeeze in your closet.

If you don’t have enough floor space, try a gun safe that goes underneath your bed so you can keep your guns stored away safely and free up some floor space. When you have it under your bed, it isn’t as obvious either, allowing it to be mostly hidden from burglars.

Do you want something that has a traditional lock where you fidget with a combination or are you looking for something that has a padlock of sorts for a quick code entry?

Whether you’re using the gun safe for storage or in case of a burglar, being able to open it quickly matters and this could entirely change the purchase you make. You may also want to ask yourself these questions:

  • What else are you storing? – That’s right. Gun safes aren’t only for guns, as they are capable of storing ammunition as well. While it’s an obvious, having the right place to store your firearms and ammo means the world and it could be the difference between life or death.IN gun safes, you’re also able to store sentimental items and other valuable pieces from your home like documents (deeds, health paperwork, will paperwork, etc.) If you have quite a bit of documentation that you want to safely store, you’ll want to invest in a gun safe that has a shelf of some sort.


  • What type of firearms do you have? – This is another pivotal question you should be asking yourself, as the length of your gun will help you ultimately determine what type of gun safe you’re going to be investing in. Whether it’s a lock box style of gun safe or one that’s taller for longer barrels, you’ll want to make sure you have an idea of the size and shape of your potential gun safe.


  • Do you want backup locking mechanisms? – It’s important that you don’t just shoot for one type of locking mechanism. We think you can get make the most out of your desired safety by investing in a gun safe that has multiple locking mechanisms like a combination, key, and/or padlock of sorts. Whether you’re looking for traditional or electronic, it’s important that you have a backup in case the electronic aspect fails – most gun safes that are electronic do come with an emergency unlocking mechanism; whether it be a key or something else.


  • Do you want something that’s weatherproof and fireproof? – If you’re someone who’s storing important documents, you’ll want to make sure that the gun safe you’re storing them in has some sort of weatherproof capabilities. You should also go the extra mile and ensure the gun safe is going to be fireproof, as well, so you don’t lose that important documentation.

It’s worth mentioning that those who want something mounted – most gun safes come with pre-drilled holes for bolting the gun safe to the floor. In having this, you’ll be able to eliminate the possibility of a thief just taking it away when they can’t get it open. Having multiple forms of safety and security will keep you and your valuable items safe – this includes others in your home

Last but not least, it’s important to note the weight of the gun safe. Most reliable ones aren’t a measly 20 pounds that you can just store anywhere. Some gun safes exceed 1000 pounds and are definitely not meant for usage in your upstairs closet. If you want something that’s durable, sturdy, and reliable, please look at the weight before anything, as you may be putting your home and yourself in danger by putting something too large in your home.

When you do find a heavier gun safe and you’re adamant about getting it, test your floor joints and see if it can handle the weight. If not, we highly suggest looking elsewhere for a reliable gun safe that’s under $1000.

We encourage you to research more on proper gun storage, and we hope that you’ve learned a little bit by reading this article.

Have another look at some of the best gun safe under $1000 on the market above. Equipped with features, links, and who each gun safe would be best used for.


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