Best Automatic Fish Feeder For Koi Pond


Automatic fish feeders are programmable feeders that allow you to determine the size and frequency of feed dispensed to your fish. Automatic feeders for koi ponds usually have large hoppers and are specifically designed for use in a koi pond.

There are many advantages to feeding your koi with an automatic koi fish feeder. For one; Regular feeding in the right quantities will ensure that the fish grow steadily and will help to make their markings brighter and more beautiful.

In addition smaller quantities of food dispensed over short intervals are better for the fish and for the condition of the pond. By feeding your fish just what they require when they require it you will avoid water pollution and clogged filters.

Best of all with an automatic fish feeder in place you don’t need to worry about your fish when you go on vacation or away for the weekend.

Best Automatic Koi Feeder Review

Automatic Outdoor Koi Feeder

This strong and attractive automatic koi feeder is also very functional. Made from heavy gauge galvanized steel, it can withstand the elements and should last for years. The painted exterior is available in red, green or champagne.

This large hopper feeder will look great in the garden and can be used to feed koi or other ornamental fish. The steel walls will keep out wildlife, such as raccoons that like to indulge in such food.

This feeder will require infrequent refills because of the size of the hopper. The design of this hopper prevents moisture ingress in the main food chamber. The hopper dispenses from beneath so it has to be suspended above the pool. This can present problems in some applications.

The feeder has a rechargeable six-volt battery. To save time and effort purchase a solar charger to automatically recharge the battery.

The adjustable feed flow with digital display allows you to determine the amount of feed that is dispensed at every meal. The feeder can dispense feed up to five times per day. The large clear sight window means that you can easily see when the feed is running low.  Make sure that your fish are fed even when you are away. The feeder is also suitable for small commercial operations.

This product is relatively expensive but then you are paying for a quality product backed by a well-known brand.

Sweeney is a family business that has been manufacturing some of the best auto koi feeder since the 1960’s. The company prides itself on old fashioned values, quality products and great customer service. Sweeney is recognized as one of the leading producers of quality feeders.

Sweeney covers the product with a three-year warranty if it fails in any way regardless of the cause.


  • Simple to set up and operate
  • Well-constructed and durable
  • Large sight window
  • Large hopper does not require frequent refills
  • Able to dispense predetermined feeds up to five times per day
  • Strong brand associated with high quality
  • Three-year unconditional warranty
  • Optional solar charger for effortless recharging


  • Feed comes out of the base so you must have something to it suspend from
  • Expensive


  • Sight gauge so you can see feed levels
  • Digital timer can be set up to feed up to five times per day
  • Holds up to ten pounds of koi food
  • Adjustable feed flow lever to determine the size of each feed
  • Has a heavy gauge galvanized steel hopper
  • Optional solar charger
  • Three-year unlimited warranty
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Flexzion Automatic Fish Food Feeder With LCD Display

This sturdy koi pond automatic fish feeder is made from durable plastic, and is very affordable. The large 4.25-liter hopper is transparent so feed levels are easy to monitor. The food tank is easily disassembled for cleaning. The feeder has smooth clean finishes and the lid locks into place to prevent tampering. Feed of variable sizes will be dispensed according to your programming.

Program the koi feeder to dispense feed up to four times daily. There are up to ninety-nine daily feeding schedules available and portion size is also fully adjustable. This feeder can either stand on the ground or it can be mounted from the base.

The feeder is easy to install and operate. It has a large clear LCD screen that is easy to read, and easy to program buttons. There is a battery low indicator on the screen. It is powered by four C batteries which are not included in the kit. The batteries should last about three months. The feeder has an on/off switch so you can switch it off when not in use.

The manufacturers have improved on the previous model and the koi feeder can now dispense smaller servings, but the feeder is not weatherproof and the electronics will fail if it gets wet. The instruction manual is not helpful and is very unclear. Try YouTube for clearer instructions.

This automatic koi fish feeder is covered by a one-year warranty.


  • Affordable
  • Large capacity hopper
  • Transparent food tank
  • Lockable lid


  • The feeder is not weatherproof
  • The instructions are complicated and unclear


  • 4.25-liter capacity
  • Green plastic
  • Clear food tank
  • Lockable lid
  • Dispenses up to four times per day
  • Up to ninety-nine feeding schedules available
  • Adjustable portion sizes
  • Base mountable
  • Large, clear LCD screen
  • Battery operated
  • On/Off switch
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty
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P7000 Pond Fish Feeder

This automatic koi feeder has a large plastic food chamber capable of holding thirty cups or six and a half pounds of koi pellets or sticks. Molded from durable plastic, the feeder is resistant to moisture. The transparent plastic hopper allows you to easily monitor feed usage.  

The unusual feed mechanism is capable of dispensing accurate portions of anything as small as three teaspoons three times daily. it can also be set to feed manually on demand. The programmable LCD control is easy to use and the batteries will last between six and nine months. The battery indicator lets you know when the battery is running low.  

The hopper, lid, nozzle and feed screw are dish washer safe. The feed chamber fastens securely to the base for stability. It has a clip lock on the lid to keep it securely closed. This product is suited to large garden ponds. The batteries are not included.

The automatic feeder presents an efficient and cost-effective way to manage your koi feed. It makes a pretty good cat food dispenser too. There are two minor problems with the feeder. The first relates to the fact that it is possible for racoons to push the feeder forward and into the pond even if it is secured to a base plank. The instruction manual is also unclear.

The automatic koi feeder comes with a three-year warranty


  • Made from weather resistant plastic
  • Dish washer safe hopper, lid, nozzle and feed screw
  • Large capacity hopper
  • Transparent hopper makes assessing feed levels easy
  • Easy to use LCD control
  • Dispenses very small amounts
  • Three-year warranty


  • Although the dispenser has four screws wo allow you to secure it to a base. It is possible to push the unit forward so beware raccoons have been known to knock these over.
  • The programming instructions are difficult to follow


  • Made from weather resistant plastic
  • Large transparent hopper is dishwasher safe
  • Easy to use LCD control
  • Six-and-a-half-pound capacity
  • Able to dispense small accurate measures three times a day
  • Batteries last between six and nine months
  • Battery indicator
  • Clip lock lid
  • Screw holes on base for securing the feeder
  • Three-year warranty
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X-clear Fish Feeder Koi feeding machine

This great looking koi pond feeder comes in three pieces. The large hopper stores up to seven liters of koi feed sized anywhere between two and nine millimeters. The hopper is transparent making it easy to monitor food levels. The bracket should be used to attach the feeder to a post. The feeder is made of durable, water proof plastic so the food will stay dry. It dispenses from beneath.

The programmable control is separate so you will need to mount it in a dry environment close by. The new model comes with a three-knob control so it is easier to program.

This equipment makes it possible to feed your koi up to twenty-four times a day. Keep your pond clean by dispensing small amounts of food several times a day. Setting up the machine with feeding times and sizes is simple and is well explained in the accompanying manual. Electricity is supplied to the feed via a nine-meter electric lead.

The only problem that this automatic koi feeder has is a tendency to leak some feed from the dispenser when it is filled so it is better not to fill it over your pond.


  • Easy to program
  • Can dispense twenty-four times in a day
  • Large seven liter transparent hopper


  • Tends to leak some pellets from the nozzle when filling


  • Dispense small amounts of feed up to twenty-four times a day.
  • Easy to program timer
  • Made from durable, waterproof plastic
  • Can be attached to external automation
  • Suitable for pellet sizes between two and nine millimeters
  • Supplied with attachment bracket
  • Nine-meter electric lead
  • Hopper capacity seven liters
  • Transparent hopper

Epic Automatic Koi Feeder

This 3.8-liter koi feeder is good value for money. The plastic molded unit can be hung above the pond or placed beside it. It has molded brackets on the side for fastening it down by the base. The 3.8-liter hopper is made from transparent material making it easy to monitor feed levels. The plastic body is weather resistant. The removable lid is lockable to prevent tampering.

The koi pond automatic feeder is fully programmable for up to ninety days and can be programmed for one to four meals per day. The feeder is battery operated and you’ll need four C batteries to run it. These are not included in the kit. The feeder is equipped with a low battery indicator. The product is covered by a twelve-month warranty.


  • Large clear hopper
  • Can be mounted or freestanding


  • Installation instructions unclear


  • LCD timer
  • Lockable lid
  • 3.8-liter clear hopper
  • Freestanding or mountable
  • Programmable up to ninety days
  • Program up to four feeds
  • Weather resistant
  • Battery operated
  • Low battery indicator
  • Twelve-month warranty
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Conclusion: What Is The Best Automatic Koi Feeder for Your Pond

An automatic koi feeder can do wonders for your fish allowing them to grow and ensuring that they look bright and healthy. Less food floating around in the water will keep pollution at bay.

You’ll also have peace of mind whether at work or away for the weekend, as you know that your fish will be regularly fed. The best automatic koi feeder for your pond will depend on your budget, on the number and size of the fish you wish to feed and on the environment.


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