Best Automatic Fish Feeder for The Money 2020


The best automatic fish feeder will help you with getting all the fish in your aquarium nourished on a consistent basis. It dispenses food to your fish at certain periods of time based on how you set it.

A good feeder can work with flakes or granules alike.

It can be easy to program one of these feeders but you will have to look around to see what options are available for your demands. The odds are you will find a good choice if you look carefully enough.

Here are a few of the best feeders for you to use.

Best Automatic Fish Feeder 2020

Eheim Battery Operated Auto Fish Feeder

One part of the Eheim feeder that I like comes from its large feeder drum. It can handle 100mL or 3.3 fluid ounces of materials. Depending on the type of food used and how much is dispensed, it could last for at least a full month.

The clamp for the feeder hooks up to just about every type of aquarium. This improves upon how easy it is for anyone to get it hooked up onto an aquarium.

The programming setup on this feeder works with a fast setup that is easy to handle. I can set this for up to eight feedings in a day. There is also a manual release button I can use to dispense food into the aquarium at a moment’s notice.

A fan is included to keep the food fresh while in storage. The vent also improves upon how well air moves through the feeder. This keeps the food easier for the fish to consume.

What we like

I like how this works with a variety of fish food options. It is especially easy for me to set up and program. It is also very accurate and precise in terms of how it can dispense foods for my fish. This is one of the top automatic fish feeder choices for how it quickly works with many foods at times that are convenient for anyone’s needs.

What we don’t like

This needs to be kept above water for it to work properly. It does not do very well if it is immersed in water or if it actually gets in contact with it.

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eBoTrade Daily Automatic Fish Feeder

The fish feeder works well with a timer to keep it working effectively. It also uses two AA batteries to keep it functional. I love how it is easy for me to prepare this as well.

The timer and feeding system are both very easy to adjust. The buttons on this model are clearly labeled while the digital display screen lets me know how the feeder is working.

This works effectively regardless of the type of fish food being used. The slider also makes it easy for me to adjust the feeder as required.

Another part of how good this fish feeder is arises from how it lasts for a while. Even so, it can run out of power over time but it at least lets you know when it will stop.

When the display reads “lo” it means that the battery power is low. It will stop working if the batteries are not replaced in three days.

This is useful as it ensures I don’t have to guess when the power on this will stop working.

The plastic body on this model is very strong and effective. It works quickly and doesn’t break apart like so many other weaker models. It is also light in weight so it doesn’t add lots of pressure to the top of the aquarium.

What we like

My favourite part of this model is that it offers a slim design. It is only about 110mm long as its longest point. It also works with two different feeding sizes so I can adjust it based on the population of fish in the tank.

What we don’t like

This doesn’t offer as many feedings in a day as many other models. It only handles up to four in a day. The process for installing the feeder onto the tank is relatively complicated and tough.

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GenLed Automatic Fish Feeder

The design on this GenLed feeder is very effective. This is one of the best automatic fish feeder options for me as it keeps the food protected and less likely to be subject to excess humidity. The design also allows me to mix and crumble food for the fish.

It is also easy to load food into this feeder. It has a simple opening that is easy to add and replace. It lets me fit in plenty of food for all the fish to have for a while.

It is also easy to adjust this model. I can use the digital display feature to adjust the feeder based on the times fish are fed and the amount of food that will be fed at a given time. This gives me a quick and effective setup for feeding fish that is not all that hard to use.

The body on this is also very small in size. It uses a simple clamp to get it set up on the outside top part of an aquarium. It is also about 4.2 inches on its sides to create a nice body that isn’t too big.

What we like

The simple design and setup process for the feeder is a very popular point. It helps me to get the feeder ready and to set up proper feeding times at very specific points in the day.

What we don’t like

There is not all that much for me to handle in terms of how I can set this up. I can only get it set up on the side of a feeder. This means that an added bit of clearance is needed for getting the feeder set up.

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Final Recommendation

Based on my research, I have determined that the top automatic fish feeder on the market is the Eheim Battery Operated Auto Fish Feeder. It uses a powerful body and a very simple setup that isn’t too hard to use.

The frequency of feedings on this model and the accuracy of the timer helps me get the most out of it. This is also effective and easy to use in a variety of conditions, thus giving me more support over how well this can work for all my demands.

It is certainly an attractive option for anyone to see when finding the best feeder for use.

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