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Do you remember the excitement of watching 102 Dalmatians and seeing all those adorable puppies on screen?

This trivia quiz will test your knowledge of the movie and see how well you remember the story, the characters, and the memorable moments.

Get ready to go back to the world of Cruella de Vil and her quest for a spotted fur coat in this 102 Dalmatians trivia.

Let’s get started!

102 Dalmatians Trivia Questions And Answers

#1. What does Cruella have to pay if she breaks her parole after being released from prison?

#2. Why does Oddball feel self-conscious as she grows up?

#3. What is the name of the dog shelter that Kevin owns?

#4. Who locks Kevin and Chloe in a cellar during the final confrontation in Paris?

#5. Who is Cruella's probation officer?

#6. Who is the owner of Dipstick?

#7. In the 2000 film, what was Cruella de Vil's motivation for stealing puppies?

#8. What happens to Dr. Pavlov therapy patients when they are subjected to loud noises?

#9. What does Cruella and LePelt use to escape from Kevin and Chloe when they attempt to stop them before their train departs?

#10. Who reprised her role as Cruella de Vil in "102 Dalmatians"?

#11. Who owns the Second Chance Dog shelter that Cruella buys?

#12. What was Cruella de Vil attempting to steal in "102 Dalmatians"?

#13. What condition does Oddball have that makes her feel self-conscious about her appearance as she grows up?

#14. Who defeats LePelt and frees Kevin and Chloe during the confrontation in Paris?

#15. What item leads Kevin and Chloe to the location of Cruella and LePelt in Paris?

#16. How do Kevin and Chloe free the puppies during the confrontation in Paris?

#17. What was Cruella de Vil's punishment if she violated her parole?

#18. Who gets arrested at the end of the confrontation in Paris?

#19. What is the relationship between "101 Dalmatians" and "102 Dalmatians"?

#20. Where is LePelt's factory located?

#21. What was Kevin's prior conviction before being framed for theft?

#22. In what year was the film "102 Dalmatians" released?

#23. Who is personally awarded the remnants of Cruella's fortune after the arrest of Cruella and LePelt?

#24. Where do Cruella and LePelt get tricked by the puppies, during the final confrontation in Paris?

#25. What mode of transportation do Cruella and LePelt use to go from London to Paris?

#26. What is the name of the Macaw?

#27. Who were the only two actors from the 1996 film to return for the sequel "102 Dalmatians"?

#28. What Academy Award category was "102 Dalmatians" nominated for?

#29. What animal does Kevin have that talks and helps him escape from prison?

#30. Who directed the film "102 Dalmatians"?

#31. What is the destination of the Venice-Simplon Orient Express that Cruella and LePelt take to Paris?

#32. After how many years in prison was Cruella de Vil cured of her desire for fur coats?

#33. Who does Cruella enlist to help her design the new fur coat?

#34. Which character escapes and secretly follows Cruella and LePelt to Paris?

#35. What is the genre of "102 Dalmatians"?

#36. What animal helps Kevin escape from prison?

#37. Who is framed for the theft of the first 99 dalmatian puppies taken by LePelt?

#38. What is Cruella's intention when she enlists the help of French furrier Jean-Pierre LePelt to design a new fur coat?

#39. How do the puppies trick Cruella in the bakery?

#40. Who helps Kevin and Chloe escape from the cellar after being locked in by Cruella?



Woof woof! It’s official: you’re a true 102 Dalmatians aficionado! You could probably even round up all 102 Dalmatians all by yourself! It’s safe to say that Cruella de Vil would be no match for your expertise. Keep on sharing your love for 102 Dalmatians and spreading the joy of this canine-filled adventure!
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Well, it seems like you may not know much about 102 Dalmatians. Maybe you’re more of a cat person or just haven’t had a chance to watch this particular Disney film. But don’t worry, there’s always time to catch up and become a 102 Dalmatians expert. Grab some popcorn and settle in for a movie marathon, and soon you’ll be able to answer all the trivia questions with ease.

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