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Get ready to test your knowledge of the classic Disney film 101 Dalmatians!

This animated feature has captured the hearts of audiences for decades with its adorable characters, catchy songs, and thrilling adventure.

But how much do you know about Pongo, Perdita, and their adorable puppies?

Let’s dive into this 101 Dalmatians trivia and find out!

101 Dalmatians Trivia Questions And Answers

#1. Inspired by her Dalmatian, what kind of coat does Anita design?

#2. Which award category was Glenn Close nominated for in the Golden Globe Awards?

#3. What is the genre of the movie 101 Dalmatians?

#4. What is the primary color associated with Cruella de Vil's character?

#5. What is the title of Dodie Smith's 1956 novel on which the movie is based?

#6. What are the names of Cruella de Vil's henchmen who steal the puppies?

#7. What does Cruella want to make from the Dalmatians' fur?

#8. What animal does the farm animals drop on Cruella during the plan to take her down?

#9. How many puppies do Roger and Anita decide to adopt in addition to their own?

#10. Where does the chase between Pongo and Perdita end?

#11. What is the name of Cruella's country estate?

#12. Which actress was nominated for a Golden Globe in 101 Dalmatians?

#13. Where does Roger Dearly live with his pet Dalmatian Pongo?

#14. What does Mr. Skinner use to create a rug for Cruella de Vil?

#15. What does Anita realize when she shows Roger and Nanny her portfolio?

#16. How does Pongo communicate the loss of the puppies to other animals?

#17. What product does Roger design, featuring Dalmatian puppies as protagonists and Cruella as the villain?

#18. What is the fate of Jasper, Horace, and Skinner after the police arrive?

#19. What does the police find at Cruella's mansion when they arrive?

#20. What item does Cruella de Vil want to create using the skin of a white tiger named Sue-Ling?

#21. Who follows Jasper and Horace to Cruella's mansion and helps the puppies escape?

#22. Where are the stolen puppies first taken by Jasper and Horace?

#23. What is the relationship between the 1961 animated film and the 1996 live-action film?

#24. Who directed the 1996 film "101 Dalmatians"?

#25. How does Cruella de Vil express her passion for fur?

#26. In which year was the animated feature film, The Hundred and One Dalmatians, released?

#27. What is the source material for the film "101 Dalmatians"?

#28. What is Cruella's reaction when Roger and Anita refuse to sell the puppies?

#29. What are Pongo and Perdita doing while the puppies are being stolen from their home?

#30. What is the central plot of "101 Dalmatians"?

#31. What does Cruella decide to do after her henchmen, Jasper and Horace, fail in stealing the puppies?

#32. Which film was released as a sequel to 101 Dalmatians in 2000?

#33. What happens to Cruella's business and reputation after her arrest?

#34. In the 1996 film, do any of the animals speak?

#35. How much does Cruella offer to pay Roger and Anita for their puppies?

#36. Who played the role of Anita Campbell-Green-Dearly in 101 Dalmatians?

#37. Who played the role of Roger Dearly in 101 Dalmatians?

#38. What item do the farm animals steal from Cruella during the takedown?

#39. What inspires Anita to design a coat made with spotted fur?

#40. How is Cruella defeated during the confrontation at the farm?



Woof woof! You are definitely a 101 Dalmatians expert! From Pongo and Perdita to the mischievous puppies and the dastardly Cruella de Vil, you know all the ins and outs of this Disney classic. You could probably even wrangle up those 101 adorable dalmatians all by yourself. Your knowledge and love for this film is truly impressive. Keep barking up the right tree and spreading your 101 Dalmatians wisdom to others
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Yikes! It seems like your knowledge of 101 Dalmatians is a little lacking. You may know that there are a lot of dogs involved and that Cruella de Vil is the villain, but there’s so much more to this classic film.

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Hope you enjoyed testing your knowledge with this 101 Dalmatians Trivia, be sure to check out our other trivia challenges! You never know what other topics might spark your interest. So go ahead, take another quiz or two and have fun!

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