Best Basketball Shoes In 2020


If you’re looking to purchase a pair of great basketball shoes, there are several factors you should be thinking about. Different products offer different levels of durability, comfort, and foot support, as well as a variety of unique features.

So ask yourself:

  • Should I be looking for top-notch durability in a shoe?
  • Do my feet need an especially tight-fitting product?
  • Do my ankles and feet hurt after practice?
  • Am I going to use them indoor or outdoor?
  • What can my shoes do about this problem?

Today, we’ve gathered a list of some of the best basketball shoes on the market in hopes of answering some of these questions for you. So let’s get on with the reviews:

Best Basketball Shoes

Nike Men’s Zoom Without A Doubt Basketball Shoe

When attempting to create one of the best basketball shoes on the market, a great company always starts with high-quality material. Nike Men’s Zoom Without a Doubt Basketball Shoes is crafted from a mix of synthetic leather and mesh and offer a rubber sole for durability.

After a hard day on the court, you’ll want to know that your shoes have been providing you with optimum comfort and support. Nike Men’s Zoom Without a Doubt Basketball Shoes come with extra padding on the collar to ensure that your ankles get the support they need.

A loose foot on the court can spell disaster for you and your team, it can also cause muscular wear-and-tear in the long run. With a breathable midfoot cage, this Nike product ensures that your foot stays where it’s supposed to be. It also comes with a lace-up closure for an even more secure fit.

What we like

While its material is solid and it is a comfortable shoe, the standout feature of the Nike Men’s Zoom Without a Doubt Basketball Shoe is its close fit. If you’re the type of ballplayer who gets distracted by a loose shoe or simply prefer a tight fit, these shoes might be perfect for you.

What we don’t like

While it has some impressive features, this Nike product fails to offer the same calibre of design that the Under Armour product on our list does. It has neither the traction nor the lining that makes Under Armour’s product so movement-friendly.

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Nike Men’s Prime Hype DF II Basketball Shoes

Good basketball shoes need to be made from the best materials. Nikes Men’s Prime Hype DF II Basketball Shoes are crafted from top-notch mesh and provide a rubber sole, and with its asymmetrical overlay to prevent toe drag over time, this product is sure to last you at least a couple of seasons.

Any great basketball shoe ought to allow you to make the moves you need to make. With its decoupled collar, this Nike product offers a full range of ankle movement, so you can pivot without any restriction or chaffing.

Foot support is essential in any basketball shoe, especially for dedicated players. With a Breathe Tech system for breathable support, no-sew skin overlay on its collar, and eyestays for muscular support, Nikes Men’s Prime Hype DF II Basketball Shoes provide optimum levels of physical care.

What we like

There’s a lot to like about this Nike product. For one, it provides various different aspects of support while remaining breathable and pliable. It also offers a wide range of motion, as well as an exceptionally durable design.

What we don’t like

There isn’t much to dislike about this product. It surpasses the previous Nike entry on this list with its intricate design, but fails to offer the same level of traction and ankle support as Under Armour’s product.

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Under Armour Men’s UA Lockdown Basketball Shoes

You should be getting the best basketball shoes for your particular purposes, and durability is a universal necessity. With Under Armour Men’s Lockdown Basketball shoes, you’ll get a rubber sole, and a mix of authentic and synthetic leather that ensure they will stand the tests of time and exhaustion.

Any good basketball shoe ought to have proper foot and ankle support. With their combination of real and synthetic lightweight leather overlays as well as medial support, these Under Armour shoes provide top-notch foot support. Plus, with their unique collar foam system, they offer support and comfort for your ankles.

While a good basketball shoe will last long and support your feet, a great shoe needs to offer movement and control. These Under Armour shoes provide a full-length EVA midsole that allows for lightweight and comfortable motion. They also include a one-piece rubber outsole with proper traction for lateral and linear movement.

What we like

There’s a lot to like about this Under Armour product. With its balanced mixture of synthetic and authentic leather, as well as its rubber sole, it will last you in the long run. Plus its design is nearly flawless, as it offers a range of motion and agility largely unmatched in the basketball shoe market.

What we don’t like

There isn’t very much to dislike about these particular shoes. While they may lack the close-fitting nature of the next shoe on our list, the benefits of Under Armour’s exceptional design far outweigh this con.

Top Recommendation

While it was a close race, we’re going to have to give it to Under Armour Men’s UA Lockdown for being the top basketball shoes on the market. While the two Nike products (also see our picks for the Best Nike Basketball Shoes)  offered foot and ankle support between them, as well as a good range of motion and good material, Under Armour provided all this in one exceptional shoe.

With its unmatched quality of design, it provides foot and ankle support that’s unparalleled in the other shoes on our list. Under Armour also ensures durability, pliability, and breathability, and will leave you with comfortable, safe, agile, and healthy feet so you can focus on your performance on the court rather than the shoes on your feet.


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